How Charlize Theron’s ‘Atomic Blonde’ is film’s best-dressed view ever

How Charlize Theron’s ‘Atomic Blonde’ is film’s best-dressed view ever

Charlize Theron not usually turns torpedo view in Atomic Blonde, she sets new view conform standards in a engineer outfits that feverishness adult a Cold War thriller.

Director David Leitch was so enamoured with a iconic 80s looks on display, he combined an exegetic line of discourse for Theron’s stunningly clad MI6 view Lorraine Broughton.

“If we had known,” Broughton mutters as military lift adult to an unit she’s damaged into, “I would have ragged a opposite outfit.”

It spells out that a stylised conform is film magic.

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“We suspicion we should have some rationalisation, a blink to a assembly that says: Yes, this wouldn’t be a ideal view outfit,” says Leitch. “But it’s a ideal view outfit for this movie.”

Here are a few of Broughton’s some-more noted looks, that hit James Bond from a tip of a best-dressed view list.

This view fights in white.

This view fights in white.


Theron did conduct to deflect off a German cops in a unit stage while wearing an 80s-inspired Massimo Dutti white coat, a black-and-white Dior sweater and thigh-high Stuart Weitzman boots.

“With her white hair and that white coat, there was something about her that was a anti-cat burglar,” says dress engineer Cindy Evans.

“Charlize indeed desired a outfit since a cloak was lax adequate to govern her moves.”


Broughton donned a dim wig and shining red Dior archival outerwear as a ultimate energy outfit for a pivotal view meeting. The double-breasted selected nap cloak featured oversized black buttons.

“It was a many pleasing red we have ever seen,” Evans says. “I rhythmical that with my life on a set.”


For a assembly during a German punk club, Broughton donned a Thierry Mugler black minidress. The dress’ perplexing behind went secret though was impressive.

“The whole behind was like a (spider’s) web, with so most energy and sex appeal, we was selfishly anticipating we could get a good shot of a whole outfit,” says Evans.

Lorraine Broughton oozes sex interest in this bronze jumpsuit.

Lorraine Broughton oozes sex interest in this bronze jumpsuit.


Theron donned a backless bronze jumpsuit to accommodate a masculine view hit she was aiming to impress.

“I wanted to have a bit of shimmy, with a Michelle Pfeiffer curtsy from Scarface,” says Evans. “It’s only a right volume of sex appeal.”

Broughton instead encountered French view Delphine Lasalle (Sofia Boutella). Boutella hold her possess fashion-wise, wearing “this unequivocally great” selected Kenzo ’80s burble dress, says Evans.


A intelligent view knows a pleasing can also be a lethal weapon.

A intelligent view knows a pleasing can also be a lethal weapon.

Evans didn’t know that Broughton’s red Dior stilettos would underline so prominently interconnected with her pinstripe bustier pantsuit by John Galliano’s Maison Margiela.

But after Lorraine bludgeons foes with her heel in a behind of a automobile (as seen in a trailer), a boots demanded a starring role.

“I was failing to use those boots – they are so sculptured and beautiful,” says Evans. “But they unequivocally took on a life of their possess with that scene.” ​

Atomic Blonde has screenings around NZ this weekend. It hits theatres national on Aug 3rd.


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