Homecoming dress expostulate helps those impacted by Harvey – KTRK

Flooded families with high propagandize students have one reduction thing to worry about.

After saying a images from Hurricane Harvey, a Conroe ISD tyro motionless to start a homecoming dress expostulate to assistance other students.

One beholden mom says homecoming is costly with 4 kids, a cost of tickets, mums, dresses, suits, photos and a like.

“It’s been tough, though I’m revelation you, it’s things like this that only let’s we know that you’re not lost and that people are remembering we and blessing you,” pronounced a mother.

What started as a elementary suspicion has taken off to something bigger for Ashley Reel with donations entrance in from all over a country.

“It only creates me happy assisting everyone,” she said.

Reel is a beginner during Oak Ridge High School in Conroe. The gowns are packaged into Ashley’s home and her mom, Tammy Reel, done some-more room in their garage.

“She wanted to do something that would make a disproportion with her peers and we suspicion that was flattering special,” Tammy Reel said.

Reel says she wants to keep adult a effort, and her subsequent plan is a promenade dress drive.

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