Hoka One One Arahi 4 – Best Stability Running Shoes 2020

The RW Takeaway: A new, some-more breathable top interconnected with a informed cushioned feel creates a Arahi 4 a race-ready favorite for all forms of runners.

  • More filigree means some-more ventilation
  • J-Frame midsole for stability
  • Flat-waisted geometric final for an easy altogether fit

    Price: $130
    10.5mm (M), 7.0mm (W)
    9.8 oz (M), 8.0 oz (W)

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    I had regarded a Arahi 4’s prototype as a liberation shoe; a hardy, indifferent fortitude tutor that’s usually a small too complicated for speedwork, though easily cushioned to give my beaten physique a “rest” on easy, non-tempo days. A integrate of a wear-testers, however, were diversion to edging adult in a shoe for races, from 5Ks to 26.2s.

    “The large exam for this shoe was a marathon we ran,” pronounced one. “The shoe was gentle and stable. The pillow was great, and a element breathed flattering well.”

    This touches on dual of this updated model’s strengths: a consistently plush, understanding midsole—characteristic of a Arahi line and Hoka in general—and a 4’s new nude down, lightweight top that creates for a some-more streamlined, race-ready feel.


    A “Bucket Seat” Stabilizer

    According to a shoe lab, a midsole is significantly softer in a paw compared to a heel. The source of this firmer feel is a J-Frame, Hoka’s denser J-shaped EVA that runs along a heel and parallel side of a sole, that provides a “bucket seat” for a some-more stabilizing ride.

    A organisation cushioning dimensions doesn’t indispensably produce a rock-hard heel, however; one of a biggest draws with a Arahi 4 is how it buffers and absorbs startle on landings, generally for bigger runners.

    “The volume of pillow in this shoe allows a curtain of my distance to not have any corner pain, while not adding too many weight,” pronounced a tester. “I also favourite a pillow given we didn’t feel like it slowed my response time down. we still felt light on my feet.”


    Runners disposed to damage were also lustful of a Arahi given they found it lessened impact causing a consistent pulsation on their runs to not be as fatiguing on their bodies.

    Said one, “That pillow helps my training given we tend to have reduction behind pain during and after a run that allows me to redeem and widen properly. My idea is to keep relocating in annoy of being in pain and this shoe really allows for that.”

    Indeed, we found a Arahi’s cushioning malleable a aria on my knees and reduce behind as we restrained down high hills while testing.


    Flat-Waisted Geometry

    The shoe has an easy fit for far-reaching feet interjection to what Hoka calls “flat-waisted geometry.” Its final is not as curvy as your normal trainer, ensuing in a roomier, non-restrictive altogether fit. My usually emanate with a Arahi is a stiffness. Perhaps my petite status didn’t produce adequate force to flex a shoe (our lab formula showed a Arahi to be tolerably flexible). we wasn’t alone in my inability to make a shoe yield.

    “The altogether fit and feel of a shoe is good, it’s usually approach some-more unbending than we like in a shoe when running,” pronounced a tester. “It roughly felt like we was slapping a belligerent given there was no give in a transition from heel to forefoot.”


    Structurally Sound

    The many important refurbish for a Arahi is a new and softened upper, that has some-more filigree for breathability and an conceal that curves around a whole heel, doubly portion as a fortitude member and altogether constructional support for a shoe. One of a testers, who raved about a shoe’s new upper, pronounced if a Arahi 3 and Cavu had a baby, this would be it. “[It has] a breathable element of a Cavu, with a some-more durable step and cushioning of a Arahi.”

    Her knowledge using a race—in a meridian some runners, including me, would be miserable using in—is covenant to a comfort turn of this shoe.

    “My toes had copiousness of room to pierce around and didn’t get overheated,” she said. “I ran a marathon in these in 80-degree continue and my feet never got too hot.”


    More Wear Tester Feedback

    Jeff K., tester given 2017
    Arch: Medium | Gait: Neutral | Footstrike: Forefoot
    “I import 220 so pillow is pivotal to my comfort in running. I’ve ragged boots in a past that my feet are fatigued within a mile. These boots kept my feet feeling uninformed after a 5-mile run on a treadmill. So altogether comfort is a prominence of a shoe.”

    Terry B., tester given 2012
    Arch: Medium | Gait: Neutral | Footstrike: Heel
    “I wear tradition orthotics and this Arahi fit them well. The breadth of a shoe allows my whole feet to exhale and pierce but pain or discomfort. It is wider than many other using boots and my feet need that. The same thing goes for a length. we had no prohibited spots and both my pinkie toes and bunion were comfortable. The collar binds my feet (low ankle) kindly and we do not have to recompense for anything. we can usually run or travel with no additional thoroughness on relocating my physique to fit a shoe; a shoe fits my body.”

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