Here’s because Victoria’s Secret is now a “Sears of Brassieres”

The decrease of Victoria’s Secret is something we’ve been tracking for several years. The slip code still dominates a market, though it hasn’t altered a marketing, that focuses on being voluptuous for a masculine audience. The brand’s flagship event, a large conform uncover where supermodels enclose angel’s wings and diamond-studded bras, seems anachronistic in a stream #MeToo moment.

Adding fuel to a glow is a fact that dozens of underwear startups have entered a market. Brands like Lively, MeUndies, and Tommy John concentration on comfort and on feeling good in ones’ skin, rather than on looking good for other people. Meanwhile, even incomparable retailers have figured out how to adjust their marketing. Aerie, a teen underwear line from American Eagle Outfitters, is all about empowerment and realness, and analysts trust it is hidden marketplace share from Pink, Victoria’s Secret’s teen line.

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