Here’s What Happens When 2 Top Models Spend 24 Hours in a Manhattan Mega-Spa

From Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga stepping behind from a limelight to concentration on healing, to untiring activists refueling with vitamin-boosting IV drips and mind-clearing massages, 2017 was all about self-care—and a New Year will certainly usually serve that notion. Case in point? Premier 57, a recently non-stop mega-spa situated in a stupidity of Manhattan’s midtown that has not one, not two, though a engorgement of thrust pools, sensitive saunas, cooling chambers, and more.

On a new stormy morning, in-demand models Alanna Arrington and Sasha Kichigina, who have trafficked everywhere from Bora Bora and Belarus to Finland and France in a past 11 months, strode into a 40,000-square-foot oasis (in terry-cloth Vaquera robes and Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma swimsuits, no less) for some much-needed RR. Their initial stop? A party of red, blue, green, and yellow prohibited boxes that occupy colourful wavelengths to detoxify and destress spa-goers in small minutes.

Once that goal was accomplished, a curly-haired twin changed from a travel to a strut as they headed to a Himalayan Salt Sauna—a unreal rose bullion enclave touted as a secret pivotal to respirating easier and fighting off that annoying anniversary cold once and for all—and a Gold Sauna (come for a appetite boost, stay for a 24-karat selfie). Just a few feet away—and, during 48 degrees Fahrenheit, extremely cooler—the glacial Ice Igloo offering a detonate of refreshing air, before Arrington and Kichigina kicked off their Rocket Dog platforms and dove, palm in hand, into Premier’s aqua-jet, nozzle-equipped hydrotherapy pools. 2018, we’re entrance for you.

Alanna Arrington in:

Diane von Furstenberg shirt; LRS T-shirt; Les Boys, Les Girls swimsuit; Edun sandals; Havaiana sandals; Hermès swimsuit; Céline dress and jewelry; Duskii swimsuit; Dos Gardenias swimsuit; Off-White coat; Eres swimsuit; Simon Miller jacket; Michael Kors swimsuit; Enfants Riches Déprimés x Thierry Lasry sunglasses; Vaquera robe; Rocket Dog sandals.

Sasha Kichigina in:

Diane von Furstenberg shirt; LRS shirt; Les Boys, Les Girls swimsuit; Edun sandals; Araks swimsuit; Havaiana sandals; Solid Striped swimsuit; Balenciaga scrunchie; Céline shirt and jewelry; Dos Gardenias swimsuit; Alberta Ferretti swimsuit; Yniq goggles; Oseree swimsuit; Tom Ford bodysuit and pants; Enfants Riches Déprimés x Thierry Lasry sunglasses; Fenty x Puma swimsuit; Rocket Dog sandals.

Video by Rebecca Fourteau
Fashion Editor: Kirby Marzec
Hair: Neil Grupp
Makeup: Courtney Perkins
Manicure: Eri Handa
Edited by Michel Sayegh
Music: Soundtrack by Aaron Silberstein
Filmed during Premier 57

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