Hender Scheme x Dr. Martens 1461 Collab Shoes

The Japanese leather experts during Hender Scheme follow the ongoing adidas collaboration with corner bid that fuses a reward phony with classical boots styles. In partnership with iconic British boots code Dr. Martens, Hender Scheme has prepared a twin of singular derby shoes, blurring a lines between birthright and contemporary Japanese craft.

Both a classical 1461 and new HOMAGE indication are on hand, any abundant with intemperate detail. The HOMAGE array is arguably Hender Scheme’s explain to fame, with past HOMAGE models that embody mistake Crocs and Converse Chuck Taylors garnering general appeal.

As such, a “Manual Industrial Products 21” is a lace-up shoe directly desirous by a Dr. Martens 1461. Crafted in Hender Scheme’s Japanese atelier, a shoe boasts a tender veg-tanned leather that will age and dim with wear. A built wooden solitary and waxed leather laces reaffirm a inspiration, finish with a leather outsole engraved with a same wordiness (“THE ORIGINAL”) seen on a signature Dr. Martens rubber solitary unit.

Meanwhile, a England-made 1461 is satisfied in a common full pellet leather, rendered in black for a undying touch. Though Dr. Martens’ famous yellow stitching and slip-resistant rubber outsole are intact, a boots competition a accumulation of crafty upgrades. Most notably, a removable leather kiltie adorns a laces, offering in black and veg-tanned leather to compare a string and leather laces. Elsewhere frame of tender leather graces a heel, with bullion Hender Scheme branding on a tongue reaffirming a collaborative nature.

Hender Scheme’s site now offers a Japanese raffle and closer demeanour during a shoes, with winners set to be announced on Sep 28 — a same day that a collaborative equipment will see general release. The black Dr. Martens 1461 is labelled during ¥50,000 JPY (Approximately $470 USD) and a Manual Industrial Products 21 weighs in during ¥58,000 JPY (approximately $540 USD), yet Western sell might differ.

Most recently, Raf Simons remixed a 1461 wit utilizing glossy steel toe caps.

Hender Scheme will recover a initial partnership with Dr. Martens @drmartensofficial on a 28th of Sep. Fusing a shoemaking birthright and craftsmanship to redefine a classic—twice.   #HenderSchemexDrMartens #henderscheme #drmartens #公式二次創作物

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