He done a tuxedo out of fasten — and it could get this SC teen a $10000 scholarship

One South Carolina teen is looking to hang around during college with some additional income to spend on his tuition.

Simpsonville local Charlie Hyman has entered a singular competition, and if he wins an online poll, he’ll accept a $10,000 scholarship.

The new connoisseur of Mauldin High School and a Fine Arts Center pronounced he is looking for assistance profitable for his fee during a University of Texas.

What improved proceed to lift income for college than to put his artistic skills on display? That’s what Hyman did.

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He done a tuxedo for his comparison promenade out of tape as a member in Duck Tape’s Stuck during Prom Scholarship Contest.

Hyman’s tux was so stylish, he was selected as one of 5 inhabitant masculine finalists for a $10,000 dollar grant prize.


“The purpose of a grant was to emanate a tuxedo wholly out of Duck Tape,” Hyman pronounced of a glue company’s contest, not to be confused with a specific form of fasten called channel tape. “For my tuxedo, we wanted to emanate something that was classic, though also really unique.”

This is a 18th year that Duck Tape has awarded scholarships to high propagandize students who emanate grave wear out of a gummy product, time.com reported.

In a initial 15 years of a contest, nearly 8,000 high propagandize students have submitted entries for consideration, according to bizjournals.com.

Hyman pronounced his promenade clothes was “a complicated chronicle of a undying black tuxedo”. He used dual colors, black and gold, to equivocate distracting from a one-of-a-kind ribbon pattern.

Unlike exemplary tuxedos, that competence have a singular aptitude of tails, Hyman chose to accoutre his fit with a head. Specifically, a fasten settlement lion’s conduct on a behind of his cooking jacket.

“The hand-cut lion settlement on a behind was arrange of a spur-of-the-moment decision,” Hyman pronounced of his inspiration. “As we was slicing hundreds of bullion stripes to go on a coupler and shoes, a uncover about lions was personification on a TV in a background. The lions on a TV desirous me to put a lion settlement on a behind of a jacket.”


That settlement sets Hyman detached from his competitors, who have some singular designs of their possess — all done out of tape.

In further to a lion’s head, Hyman pronounced he used some singular boots to supplement some-more piquancy to his turn on a exemplary tuxedo. He used Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers instead of glossy dress boots to make it “easier to dance.”

Additionally, Hyman used fasten to settlement a boutonniere (rose on a jacket), cufflinks, and a crawl tie to go with a outfit.


“While this was an intensely vapid and formidable task, I’m so blissful we did it,” Hyman said, as he stumped for votes.

The sole South Carolina proprietor among a finalists designed usually his outfit. Two of his competitors were partial of integrate designs, where tuxedos and promenade dresses were assembled and designed out of fasten creations.

Another thing environment Hyman detached is a volume of time and fasten he used to conform his tux. He used 12 rolls of fasten and indispensable only 30 hours to tailor a suit. Both of those total are significantly reduction than his competitors.

They are all looking for votes, that can be expel here on a daily basement by Jun 25.

A demeanour behind during what Hyman wore to his promenade in 2017 shows how distant he strayed from a exemplary demeanour of a tuxedo.

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