Hawaii engineer to entrance runway collection during New York Fashion W …


Manaola Yap, a owner and engineer of Manaola Hawaii, is origination story as a initial Native Hawaiian to entrance an whole disdainful runway collection, finish with hula and other normal protocols, during New York Fashion Week 2017.

“I am respected and beholden to have been invited to uncover my collection during New York Fashion Week,” Yap said. “Sharing a inland enlightenment by a middle of conform on a universe height has always been a dream of mine. I’m unapproachable to share a Hawaiian conform enlightenment that encompasses centuries of genius and visible imagery prisoner in design.”

It’s an honor confirmed by Hawaii’s Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism.

Yap is one of only 24 designers comparison from 8,000 people worldwide by Oxford Fashion Studio to share his strange designs during New York Fashion Week 2017.

Yap will benefaction his runway collection — finish with 39 opposite looks — on Friday, Sept. 8, and Hawaii News Now will tide a whole conform uncover on Facebook.

Yap founded his association only dual years ago and credits his discerning arise within a internal conform attention to a many other Hawaii designers who paved a approach before him and a flourishing direct for culturally unwavering clothing.

“At this moment, I’ve been totally reflecting on gratitude,” he said. “That’s where we like to come from all a time, and meditative of all a smashing inspirations that I’ve had in my life and all a people that have upheld me and upheld a origination of what I’ve turn today, and that’s unequivocally where I’d like to leave my Hawaii — is with a lot of thankfulness and with hopes to take all of these smashing inspirations, mentors and kupuna, definitely, and family and unequivocally mahalo them,” pronounced Yap.

Yap isn’t a initial Native Hawaiian to seem during New York Fashion Week. Both Kini Zamora and Ari South presented pieces in a Project Runway uncover in a past. Both designers competed in a existence TV uncover and have been trailblazers in a conform attention during home and around a world.

Hawaii News Now will be exclusively covering Manaola’s New York Fashion Week tour on air, online and streaming on mobile.

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