Halsey’s New Pixie Cut Will Give You Serious Marilyn Monroe Vibes

New Year’s Eve calls for transformations, and some take it some-more severely than others. It’s a night where we can hang yourself adult in velvet, renovate yourself with sequins, get additional with cut-creases and reinvent yourself with a confidant mouth and a smokey eye. Basically, we can renovate yourself into a daring, brave chronicle of yourself, and it doesn’t all disappear once midnight strikes. This is something Halsey seems to get, that isn’t startling saying how a thespian is a hair chameleon. From prolonged teal thatch to string candy pinkish undercuts, she changes her ‘do as mostly as people change socks. But Halsey’s pixie cut on New Year’s Eve was something special, and a fun tangent from her common irritable style. Rather than sporting something complicated and somewhat punk, Halsey went retro with a Marilyn Monroe desirous curly pixie.

It was her initial demeanour of 2018, and an extraordinary approach to start off a new year. In an Instagram post, she common a video of her NYE demeanour with a heading “on my marilyn,” giving fans and supporters a hide rise during a whole ensemble. Starting off during her feet, we were treated to rhinestone studded, teetering stilettos, and a camera afterwards panned adult to her slinky black dress. The dress was a sum stunner, where it had an open behind and a side cut that was hold together by ethereal strings that zig-zagged down a side.

But a genuine sorcery happened when we saw her makeup and hair. Sporting a iconic, Old Hollywood red lips, her hair was waved into a curly bleach-blonde pixie, cinching those Marilyn Monroe vibes. The outfit competence have been too complicated for a 1950’s star, though I’m certain she would conclude a altogether “bombshell” peculiarity of a whole aesthetic.  

For a improved demeanour during her outfit, check out Halsey behaving in Miami during a large event.

iamhalsey on Instagram

Then each so mostly Halsey goes behind to a some-more healthy shade, like a deep, abounding black.

Whether she leaves her hair prolonged and dark, or decides to channel Old Hollywood stars and goes whiten blonde and curly, Halsey looks extraordinary no matter what. Here’s to saying that hair trend she tries next!

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