Gucci to extend the French accent, uncover in Paris

Gucci began a paper to France starting with a pre-fall promotion campaign, that harks behind to that nation circa 1968, when tyro marches and riots sparked renouned rebellions opposite troops and official elites. Photographed and destined by Glen Luchford, it depicts Gucci-clad rebels occupying a university campus, sexually severe a investiture and seeking for change. Luchford’s black-and-white photos are desirous by a confidant French Nouvelle Vague imagery of a late Fifties and Sixties and by radical filmmakers François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard. For a campaign, Gucci launched a hashtag #GucciDansLesRues [Gucci in a streets]. The debate was also launched on a Gucci Art Walls in Milan, New York, London and Hong Kong.

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