Ground Floor: Dream Dresses pop-up emporium in Hiawatha helps find formalwear

By a time her daughter, Abby, graduated from high school, Jill Webb had shopped for a lot of grave dresses.

After shopping 3 promenade dresses and 4 homecoming dresses, infrequently roving as distant divided as Des Moines or Chicago so Abby could find usually a right dress for a occasion, Webb reached a conclusion.

“For a city a distance of Cedar Rapids, there could be some-more options for places to emporium for specialty dresses,” she said.

Adding to Webb’s disappointment was a fact that they spent a lot of time and income on dresses that would be ragged usually once.

“You finish adult with a really costly dress and afterwards what do we do with it?” she said.

As Abby was scheming for her high propagandize graduation in a open of 2016, Webb saw a Facebook post about a cocktail adult emporium in a Kansas City area that sole grave dresses. Intrigued, she contacted a business owners to learn more.

“She gave me a lot of good advice,” Webb said. “She even gave me a names of vendors she had used.”

Webb, who works as a tellurian resources professional, took a jump in a tumble and determined Dream Dress, offered new and formerly ragged promenade and homecoming dresses. Webb pronounced many dresses are in a $50 to $259 cost range.

As a pop-up shop, Dream Dress doesn’t have a permanent location. Rather, Webb binds special sale events during opposite times of a year.

Her initial event, in February, was during a Marion Legion. For successive sales, she leased an eventuality space in a Trendsetter Place building in Hiawatha.

“I don’t have overhead,” she said. “My costs are low, so we can sell low.”

Webb pronounced about 70 percent of her register is new, including engineer dresses that she sells during ignored prices.

“I try to yield a nice, high-end dress but violation a bank,” she said.

The remaining 30 percent includes dresses sole on consignment. Consignors compensate a $5 cost to assistance Webb cover promotion and space let costs.

They accept 60 percent of a sale cost and get to emporium a Dream Dress sales before anyone else.

To make certain she’s staying adult to date on what high propagandize girls wish in formalwear, Webb uses concentration groups to assistance her name inventory. Earlier groups have enclosed a Kennedy High School dance group and a Prairie High School cheerleaders.

Webb’s daughter, now in college, also offers her opinion. And, Webb said, Abby always has a doubt for her mother: “Why didn’t we do this 4 years ago?”


Owner: Jill Webb

Business: Dream Dress

Telephone: (319) 210-7190


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