Good News Matters: 65-Year-Old Designer Featured in New York Fashion Week

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A internal male who always dreamed of being a engineer is now creation that dream come true. 

Freddie Reynolds had worked opposite jobs his whole life, though his dream was always to go to conform propagandize and turn a designer. 

“I told myself ‘I’m gonna do that one day,” he says. 

So during 65-years-old, he took a thrust and practical for Arkansas Fashion School, where he’s now training a ropes. 

“I’ve schooled how to do a lot of conspicuous things I’ve seen,” Reynolds adds. 

By looking during his designs, we can tell he was done for this. 

“He’s talented,” says Jamileh Kamran, Director of a Arkansas Fashion School. “He’s really hardworking.”

After only a year in conform school, his initial uncover was a large one, indeed a biggest uncover we can have.

“Yes, my initial uncover during New York Fashion Week,” says Reynolds. 

Freddie’s designs stole a show, and his aspirations are high. 

“I kind of wish to be like Oscar de la Renta or Versace, we know, that women go crazy over,” he says. 

He wants to inspire anyone who has a dream to go for it, no matter your age. 

“It’s never too late, as prolonged as there is life, there’s an opportunity,” says Reynolds. 

The Arkansas Fashion School was non-stop 11 years ago by Kamran, a eminent engineer around a country. 

For information on a school, click here

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