Gisele Bündchen reveals because she left Victoria’s Secret: ‘I felt reduction and reduction during palliate wearing only a bikini or a thong’

Gisele Bundchen walks a runway during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show during a in Hollywood, Calif. on Nov 16, 2006.

Gisele Bündchen is looking behind during her time as a Victoria’s Secret model.

In an mention of her memoir — “Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life” — obtained by People and published on Wednesday, Bündchen explained that when she initial landed a blurb agreement with a slip association in a ’90s, it was a outrageous fulfilment for a afterwards 19-year-old conform model.

“In those days we was a conform model, and Victoria’s Secret was a catalog company. In 1999, there was a clever multiplication between a two,” Bündchen recalled.

Per a outlet, Bündchen was “so happy” to have financial confidence when she was initial starting out, with Victoria’s Secret creation adult 80 percent of her yearly income.

However, “as time went on”  Bündchen says she felt “less and reduction during ease” rocking barely-there outfits down a runway.



“For a initial 5 years, we felt gentle displaying in lingerie, though as time went on, we felt reduction and reduction during palliate being photographed walking a runway wearing only a bikini or a thong,” Bündchen said.

“Give me a tail, a cape, wings — please, anything to cover me adult a little!”

So when Bündchen had to replenish her agreement in 2006, a supermodel certified that she “wasn’t sure” she wanted to “continue to working” for a brand.

“I was positively beholden for a event and a financial confidence a association had given me, though we was during a opposite place in my life, and we wasn’t certain we wanted to continue operative there,” she explained.

To assistance her with her outrageous decision, Bündchen looked towards a teacup.



“I crumpled adult dual tiny pieces of paper and placed them inside an dull teacup,” she said, adding that she had created “yes” and “no” on each.

“I sealed my eyes and set an intention: whatever square of paper we chose would be for my top and best self and be a right decision.”

In a end, Bündchen ultimately decided to leave a company, unresolved adult her wings in 2007.

“No was a answer we unconsciously wanted to hear,” she explained of her choice. “It was also a answer my physique wanted to hear and, we believe, had been perplexing to tell me for days.”

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