Gisele Bündchen Is a First Model to Pose Makeup-Free on a Cover of Italian Vogue

Seeing Gisele Bündchen makeup-free isn’t a new concept. But saying Bündchen during home, wearing sweats and Looney Tunes slippers? That’s not something you’ll see each day, unless you’re Tom Brady. The yoga-loving supermodel, who mostly wears minimal makeup in Instagram photos, tends to keep it au naturale on an bland basis. And now, she’s holding things serve in a new array of photos.

In a fire for Italian Vogue, Bündchen welcomes photographer Jamie Hawkesworth and videographer Kevin Tekinel into her Boston home, pity aged photos, memories, and a demeanour inside her life with her Superbowl-LII-bound-husband Tom Brady and their kids. It’s one of a initial times she’s non-stop her doors to a publication, display her private life to a world. And she did so in a many gentle approach possible.

“Sunday early morning with no hair, no makeup during home for @vogueitalia ,” Bündchen captioned her Instagram exhibit of a shoot, that took place during 6 am.

“It was so funny; during this time in my life, we used to wear one earring in one side of my ear,” Bündchen says as she looks by aged photos in a video. She appears wearing several outfits during a behind-the-scenes perspective of a print shoot, including sweatshirts, jeans and blazers, all of that she styled herself.

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And a indication going makeup-free wasn’t a usually initial for a magazine. According to a glossy, it was also a initial time a cover star didn’t have a stylist selecting her outfits. Instead, Gisele chose her Gucci looks on her own. Because with decades of displaying experience, she knows what looks good.

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