Gisele Bündchen congratulates a Eagles (and Bridget Moynahan chimes in)

Well, that could have left improved for Tom Brady.

At slightest this time, his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, rubbed better graciously.

Six years ago, after a Patriots were dissapoint in a Super Bowl by a New York Giants, she lashed out, blaming forsaken passes on receivers (including Wes Welker). “My father can't [expletive] chuck a round and locate a round during a same time,” she pronounced then.

That came behind to punch her Sunday night in Super Bowl LII, when Brady was targeted as a receiver on a pretence play and – gah – forsaken a ball. This time, after hubby upheld for 505 yards in New England’s 41-33 detriment to a Eagles, Bündchen had zero though congrats for a victors, in chairman and electronically.

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