Gisele Bundchen and Daughter Vivian are Overwhelmed With Joy …

Gisele Bundchen and her kids are feeling a Disney magic!

The 38-year-old supermodel treated her dual children — Vivian, 5, and Benjamin, 8 — to a day during Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday. The contingent seemed to have a picture-perfect day, with a unapproachable mom pity snaps on her Instagram Story.

“Who do we consider is some-more vehement to accommodate Cinderella?” Bundchen captioned a pic of Vivian assembly Cinderella while dressed adult as charmer Ariel. In a photo, a small lady is looking adult to a princess in awe, while Bundchen looks during her daughter with wantonness glee.

Wearing a striped, midriff baring top, cuffed jeans and white sneakers, Bundchen looks anxious to declare a darling moment.

After assembly Cinderella, a mother-daughter twin took a spin on a Tomorrrowland Speedway! “The trainer on a wheel,” Bundchen captioned a shot of Vivian steering a vehicle.

Benjamin got in on a fun too! Bundchen common a pic of a brother-sister span walking in Tomorrowland. “My small princess and my small knight,” she wrote on a pic.

Prior to visiting a Happiest Place on Earth, Bundchen — who shares dual kids with father Tom Brady –was bustling compelling her new book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, where she non-stop adult about how motherhood has altered her. 

“When we became a mom, we kind of mislaid myself. It was like a partial of me died,” she told People. “I’d been this really eccentric person. It was all about me. But now we had this small being, and we unexpected felt l couldn’t do other things and that was really tough for me. All we ever wanted was to be a mom, though when you’re indeed experiencing that, it’s a shock.”

Bundchen also common on Good Morning America that she’s fiercely protecting of her family.

“I’m like, we know, no one is going to harm someone we love. You know?” she pronounced of a opinion she takes when it comes to her desired ones. “You only feel really protecting of them. So, obviously, if someone hurts my children, my husband, anyone we love, we get like a lioness.”

Watch a video next for some-more with Bundchen:


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