Gail Simmons Reveals Why Filming Top Chef Is Just "Like Summer Camp”

If you’ve been following a digital array Gail’s Day Off that follows Top Chef decider Gail Simmons on her days off from filming Season 15, afterwards you’re wakeful that her time divided from the set was zero brief of totally stirring (and inspiring).

And by a array — that shows Gail intent in such refreshing downtime activities as ziplining, fly fishing, and biking in Colorado — she also shares with fans a bit of discernment into what her days on demeanour like, too!

While enjoying a day out ziplining, Gail shares that sharpened a high-stakes uncover is like a fun childhood entertainment — in that it’s time distant from unchanging society, with a possess rules, and a possess formula of behaviors. “Top Chef is really summer camp,” she pronounced in a shave (watch above).

Before soaring over Colorado during 60 miles per hour, a decider serve explained her analogy: “My father and we fun that when we come behind [from filming each year] we swear too much, we don’t have list manners… and he has to learn me how to do chores around a residence again.”

A summer with friends impiety with desert and not doing chores? Yeah, it’s stay alright.

Press play above to watch Gail zipline like a champ… afterwards binge all the Gail’s Day Off episodes.

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