From Gisele Bundchen to Candice Swanepoel, models are doing their bit to stop cosmetic pollution

“If we can’t reuse it, exclude it”: so goes a aphorism of a UN environmental program’s Beat Plastic Pollution campaign, a same immature mantra taken adult by Gisele Bündchen yesterday for World Environment Day. In a video, a Brazilian indication talks about a wickedness in a sea caused by cosmetic rubbish and invites fans to join a movement, that encourages viewers to stop regulating objects done from cosmetic (straws, bags, cups, bottles etc). As a challenge, a indication asks viewers to share a video with their friends on Instagram to get as many people concerned as possible.

Tag, I’m it! For #WorldEnvironmentDay I’m committed to giving adult cosmetic bags to #BeatPlasticPollution with @UNEnvironment. If we can’t reuse it, exclude it! we am mouth-watering @angelcandices ,@belagil, @tombrady, @oboticario and everybody who wants to make a disproportion to participate. Please join us to kick cosmetic wickedness and assistance make a disproportion in a world? Make a video observant how we are going to do it and tab 3 of your friends to do a same. Then, use #beatplasticpollution TAG, YOU’RE IT! ♻️ Para o #DiaMundiaodoMeioAmbiente, estou comprometida a não usar mais sacolas plásticas para acabar com a poluição plástica com @UNEnvironment. Se você não pode reutilizar, recuse! Convido @angelcandices , @belagil, @tombrady, @oboticario e a todos que querem fazer a diferença no mundo para participarem. Por favor, junte-se a nós para combater a poluição plástica. Faça um vídeo dizendo qual é o seu compromisso e marque 3 amigos. Em seguida, insira #AcabecomaPoluiçãoPlástica

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