Former IT Director embezzles thousands from Houston employer

A former Information Technology Services Director for a Houston formed real-estate association was systematic to jail Thursday after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a business with his wife, according to a news recover from a U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Southern District of Texas. 

Bradley David Freitas,of Tomball, was condemned to 33 months in sovereign jail and thereafter will have 3 years of supervised release.  His wife, Loren Freitas, 34, also was convicted though will usually offer a tenure of probation. Freitas embezzled $773,500 from a unnamed association between Apr 2009 and Jan 2014, with assistance from his wife, settled a news release.

After a 37-year-old was hired in Mar 2009 during a genuine estate company, he combined fake explanations on inner association justification documents, so that unapproved purchases were masked as IT associated items. He would miscode justification papers to facade a purchases, and also used association credit cards to buy unapproved items. 

He purchased from online retailers like Amazon, NewEgg and CDW and had a equipment  mailed to his bureau or home. Some purchases like a dining room list with chairs, a Gucci purse and wallet, home party systems and televisions were used for a Freitas’ personal enjoyment.

Some of his purchases, including IPads and laptops, were sole on eBay or to a Freitas’ private business in New York and other locations, for profit. 

Loren would infrequently tell her father what to squeeze and afterwards mail some of a equipment to sell to their business around FedEx or UPS. 

Bradley beg guilty to swindling to dedicate mail and handle fraud. His mother beg guilty to swindling to dedicate mail fraud. 

The former IT executive was formerly expelled on bond, though will willingly obey to a U.S. Bureau of Prisons trickery in a nearby future. 

The FBI conducted a investigation.

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