Forget London, New York and Milan… get set for a initial ever Dundee Fashion Week

They are a much-anticipated shows reason in a likes of London, New York and Milan.

And now — for a initial time — Dundee is to have a conform week of a unequivocally own.

The events will showcase a unequivocally best of what a city has to offer, build on a abounding artistic birthright and yield eccentric designers with a platform.

Sponsored by a Overgate selling centre, Dundee Fashion Week 2018 will take place from May 7-13 in venues around a city, with a special culmination catwalk to be reason during a Caird Hall on Sunday May 13.

Throughout a week, events will be reason in iconic locations around a city, including a Overgate selling centre, McManus Galleries, HM Frigate Unicorn and a Steeple Church.

Students from Dundee and Angus College will be heavily concerned in a behind-the-scenes using of a uncover and will yield their possess designs and work for a final show.

Alexandra Harnett is sponsorship officer during a college and a owner of a code new event.

She said: “The group behind a eventuality is unequivocally penetrating to emanate a training bequest for Dundee while compelling a artistic industries from around a city.

“We are essentially focusing on eccentric designers and boutiques to showcase a talent we have in a city.

“If we are advantageous adequate to have a year dual or a year three, we might afterwards open it adult to designers from serve afield. The thought came about after training that any year conform students during Dundee and Angus college would reason a conform uncover in a campus canteen.

“This conform week, however, will be a possibility for them to benefit skills in promoting, selling and networking, that they will need following execution of their studies.”

One of a designers holding partial in a events during a week is David Alexander.

David, 32, who has been formulating bespoke couture and spousal pieces for a series of years, has a studio formed in Discovery House, during Dundee Technology Park.

Fashion engineer David Alexander

He hopes that bringing a conform week to a city will move people behind to a roots of a artistic industries in Dundee.

He said: “I unequivocally wish that a week will move people behind to their roots of sewing and formulating bespoke pieces.

“Dundee was once famous for a pattern industry, though it unequivocally feels like that has been lost.

“I have been creation my possess garments given we was unequivocally young.

“The unequivocally initial time we picked adult a needle was when we was usually about 8 years old.

“My silent is also a engineer and seamstress, so we was means to collect it adult from her.

“She saw from a unequivocally immature age that we was always serve forward with conform and wasn’t fearful to step out of a box.

“From afterwards on she kind of took me underneath her wing and by a time we was in high school, we was creation all of my possess clothes.

“I finished my studies during Dundee and Angus College so when we set adult my possess business we concluded to assistance out a college any year by formulating a collection for their conform show.

“When Alexandra assimilated a group during a college and detected what we had been doing for them over a years, she asked if we would like to be partial of Dundee Fashion Week.

“I, of course, agreed, as it is a illusory approach for a conform students to accept first-hand knowledge of a genuine operative environment.

“With a VA opening this year, pattern is unequivocally creation a quip in Dundee — it’s an extraordinary time to foster eccentric designers and a work that we do.

“Nobody does what we do anymore, so we need to awaken adult Dundee and revitalise a artistic industries we used to have.”

David will be assimilated by associate internal engineer Karen Hamilton during a week, using sewing workshops that will uncover a open how to make their possess creations.

Karen Hamilton during a Overgate

Karen said: “The thought to emanate this eventuality and give a height to eccentric designers and boutiques is amazing.

“It’s a illusory approach to uncover that there is some-more to Dundee than what some people might think.

“Textiles was such a large thing in a city though now there are frequency any companies and a ones that are left are swept underneath a carpet.

“I consider this eventuality will uncover a younger era what extraordinary things we can make a career from.

“The artistic story here in Dundee is only unusual — and nobody seems to unequivocally know about it. we unequivocally wish that a conform week will pull in crowds from all over to see what we in a city have to offer.”

All information on a events holding place can be found online during

If we are meddlesome in exhibiting or sponsoring a event, greatfully hit Alexandra during

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