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Ever consternation either we could investigate full time during Fordham, have a career in fashion, and get a eventuality to go to NYFW? Meet a Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC) students vital double lives, attack a books while posterior their adore of fashion. On tip of their educational schedules they are operative as models, bloggers and conform enthusiasts. These industrious people any denote what it takes to mangle into a conform courtesy in one of a many rival markets in a universe – as a college tyro no less. This is an inside demeanour during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Spring/Summer 2019 from your Lincoln Center peers.

As good as being a full-time student, O’Brien, GSB ’21, is an editor and influencer for TargetTag (COURTESY OF AISHA MALIK).

Meet Emily O’Brien, Gabelli School of Business (GSB) ’21
Majoring in tellurian business with a thoroughness in tellurian marketing

Editor and owner of
Editor and influencer for TargetTag
Marketing novice for College Fashionista

Since a age of 14, O’Brien has famous she was ardent about a conform world. Her aspiration led her to emanate a blog called For a past 5 years, she juggled conform blogging with her studies. Emily is now an editor for Target’s initial digital repository called @targettag, that manages brands such as #WildFable #OriginalUse.

How did we get into NYFW?

Through my College Fashionista internship, we met a venue manager of a Fashion Gallery. we reached out and asked about removing concerned with NYFW. we was advantageous adequate to get hired to take photos of a models, collections, and behind a scenes production. we helped emanate calm for a amicable media accounts of  numerous brands.

What was your favorite show?

Out of all a shows, a one that stood out to me was Christian Colorado, a engineer who comes from Puerto Rico. The Spring/Summer 2019 collection had confidant colors such as red, white, black. Since we was in assign of calm origination for a brands’ amicable media accounts, we had a eventuality to lay front quarrel and sketch a uncover and many others.

What recommendation would we give to people who wish to be in a conform industry?

Networking. I’m not a conform vital and a courtesy is about who we know. It’s critical to work hard, put yourself out there though also have a certain attitude. Nothing goes neglected in this industry.  Because we had a good work ethic we was asked to come behind and work a subsequent Fashion Week.

What have we schooled from your initial Fashion Week experience?

It’s a cut-throat industry, though if we have a loyalty and adore for fashion, it’s value it. There is a certain turn of law to “The Devil’s Wear Prada,” that is given it’s critical to not take things to heart if something doesn’t work out.

Felopulos, FCLC ’21, attended 5 shows this deteriorate of NYFW (COURTESY OF ISIAH MAGSINO).

Meet Chloe Felopulos, Fordham College during Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’21
Majoring in communications and enlightenment with a teenager in conform studies

Writer and Stylist for SOUL
Featured character guru on Upscale Downscale blog
College Fashionista contributor

On a day-to-day basis, Felopulos pushes a boundary of conform and isn’t fearful to demonstrate her style. Chloe is now a stylist and author for a conform blog called SOUL (founded by Isiah Magsino, Fordham College during Rose Hill, ’19). She is also a author with College Fashionista.

How did we get into NYFW?

This is my third deteriorate attending NYFW. This year we had a eventuality to attend given of Isiah Magsino, a artistic executive of setmysoulonline, who hired me as his assistant. we was means to attend 5 shows that week.

What was your favorite show?

My favorite uncover was LRS by Rail Solis given a conform was radical and bold. Some other noted highlights embody saying Kaia Gerber travel for Priscavera and going backstage during R13 where we was means to see a clothes, makeup and hair adult close.

What recommendation would we give to people who wish to be in a conform industry?

Look online and investigate events that are open to a public. There are so many shows in a city. You should also demeanour into partner opportunities during conform publications. There’s no need to be intimidated, strech out and usually be yourself.

What’s a coolest thing about NYFW?

Street character photographers took cinema of my outfits. It goes to uncover that it doesn’t matter who we are, conform week is a time where everybody gets impulse from any other. Also, we never know who we will accommodate during these events. we finished adult assembly conform influencer Tezza and we also ran into Troye Sivan.

Skye, FCLC ’20, is a new media and digital settlement vital with a conform studies teenager (COURTESY OF FELIPE ESPINAL).


Meet Vienna Skye, FCLC ’20
Majoring in new media and digital settlement with a teenager in conform studies

Community personality during Depop  and Yikes Vintage
Intern for a Accidental Icon

Skye does it all: she interns for Fordham’s unequivocally possess “Accidental Icon.”  Professor Lyn Slater, she’s one of Depop’s tip New York sellers, co-owns online preservation emporium @yikesvintage with Andrew Budisak (FCLC ‘20) and she’s modeled for Teen Vogue. She’s also a Youtuber, dancer, photographer and determined stylist and makeup artist.

How did we get into NYFW?

Over a years, we have left to conform events all around a city and have connected with a lot of people in a conform industry. At a same time, we continue to furnish calm on YouTube and Instagram about my conform experiences. When my following grew on amicable media, designers and PR companies took notice and started reaching out to me and mouth-watering to a shows.

What was your favorite show?

My favorite uncover we attended was Jonathan Simkhai. What done a uncover special was a live low-pitched performance. It was singular and extended a display of a collection.

What recommendation would we give to people who wish to be in a conform industry?

It’s about who we know. Whenever we go to an eventuality we always try to accommodate 15 new faces. Don’t be bashful and don’t be fearful to deliver yourself. Fashion is all about being who we are. Get an internship; it’s a good approach to get knowledge operative in a industry. Fashion is a large partial of my life, though preparation is also unequivocally critical to me. It’s my foundation, it goes before anything else.

What’s a coolest thing about NYFW?

I have done so many friends in a industry, so it’s cold to reunite with them during events and locate adult on life. During Fashion Week, we also shot a amicable media debate with [Slater] for Club Monaco. The judgment was essay a postcard to someone who inspires we and she dedicated it to me and Emma Childs (FCLC ’20). Her postcard said: “My interns enthuse me any time we mix and emanate — they make my mind EXPLODE.”

Pictured walking in her third deteriorate of NYFW, now as a beginner in college, Zaleweski, GSB ’22, is prioritizing her preparation (COURTESY OF THE CUT VIVIENNE HU SS19).

Meet Izzi Zalewski, GSB ’22
Majoring in tellurian business with a thoroughness in tellurian selling and a teenager in French.

Model for Q Agency

Zalewski is a name you’re going to wish to remember. This beginner goes to category during a day, afterwards true to castings couches during night. Izzi has been displaying for 3 years and has usually finished her third deteriorate walking in NYFW.

How did we get into NYFW?

I have been sealed with Q Agency given we was in high school. we would invert to and from New Jersey and New York for my castings, fittings, shoots and shows. This year we told my representative that we would usually do shows that didn’t meddle with my propagandize schedule. The routine for a NYFW indication involves initial casting and a fitting, and a night before a show, we would be alerted either we was walking or not.

What was your favorite show?

My favorite uncover to travel for was Vivienne Hu, whom we walked for final season. Also, Tessa Hilton (Paris Hilton’s sister) walked in a show, and a group gave me a final notation surprise. we was usually given one look, though during a uncover another indication couldn’t fit into a robe so a Vivienne Hu group came to me, asked me if we was meddlesome in wearing it. we pronounced approbation and they put me in this big, complicated beaded gown. we sealed a uncover wearing it and we will never forget that experience.

What recommendation do we have for people meddlesome in a displaying courtesy and balancing school?

Since it’s my initial year in college, propagandize comes first. It’s probable to go to propagandize and work in displaying full-time. But we can do anything we set your mind to.

What do we wish to do in a future?

I wish to mix my business preparation with conform selling and one day maybe work during Vogue. If we continue modeling, I’d adore to travel a Victoria’s Secret Show.

“If we wish to be in fashion, it’s all about connections,” pronounced Kim, FCLC ’21 (COURTESY OF CHLOE FELOPULOS).

Meet Ellie Grace Kim, FCLC ’21
Majoring in Communications and minoring in Fashion Studies and French

Studio government and amicable media novice and partner for Christian Cowan Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Aspiring haute couture executive Kim found her adore of conform by examination a film “Dior and I.” Ellie fell in adore with a artistic routine of designing, saying it as a singular routine of self-expression. She now works as a author for SOUL. She also works for CFDA engineer Christian Cowan as a studio government and amicable media intern.

What was your favorite show?

My favorite was Christian Cowan given we was propitious to watch a whole routine unfold, from designing, to casting, backstage prep, to when a garments strike a runway. It was fascinating saying a pieces come to life. we have a newfound appreciation for a tough work that went into any piece.

What recommendation would we give to people who wish to be in a conform industry?

If we wish to be in conform it’s all about connections. Go online and email opposite conform companies, showrooms and RSVPing to events where we can accommodate people in a industry.

While experiencing her initial deteriorate of NYFW, Sun, FCLC ’21, attended a uncover desirous by Egyptian mythology, “Nanushka” (COURTESY OF MALLEY ALEXANDER PUC).

Meet Lareina Sun, FCLC ’21
Majoring in tellurian business with a thoroughness in tellurian selling and teenager in conform studies

PR novice for Fashion Week Online. Sun is an general tyro from Qingdao, China who isn’t fearful to try new things. She has many opposite interests: business, hospitality and fashion. Sun is a PR novice for a website Fashion Week Online, a apparatus for anticipating a latest conform trends, influencers, and live streams.

How did we get into NYFW?

I was on a job-finding site Indeed and saw that Fashion Week Online was looking for interns to write and sketch conform as good as strech out to code for shoots. we sent my resume in, they responded behind and they sent me to 25 NYFW shows. It was a mind-blowing knowledge going to these shows and it happened all so fast.

What was your favorite show?

This is my initial deteriorate experiencing NYFW. My favorite uncover was Nanushka. What done it opposite from other shows was a change of Egyptian mythology.

What recommendation would we give to people who wish to be in conform or wish to go to NYFW?

When we go to a shows take a lot of pictures. we went with my co-workers and we schooled a lot articulate to them about fashion. Writing for Fashion Week can be daunting, though once we go to some-more shows, there is a informed settlement and essay gets easier. It’s a fast-paced sourroundings so we have to be passionate. You have to be prepared to take some-more work. Be big and compensate courtesy to details.


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