FloElite’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We know it’s mid-December and chances are you’ve maybe gotten yourself a gift, though we have nonetheless to get gifts for everybody else on your list. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of 10 of a best fitness-related gifts that we can get on a marketplace right now, and by a energy of expedited shipping we can have them in palm and wrapped before a Christmas Day. 

Without serve ado, here are a 10 best gifts of 2017.

1.)  We’re apparently a shoe-obsessed garland over here during Elite, so no shocker here that one of a tip picks is a No Bull High Top Dark Floral Gum Trainer — $169.00

2.) This is a present that says, “You know it and we know it: your form on double unders is great, and it’s indeed your tide shitty wire that is holding we back.”

RPM Session 3.0 – $52.95 

3.)  Going to a gym and listening to song go palm in hand, so a year subscription to Apple Music or Spotify is an apparent last-minute no-brainer home run. –  $99.00

4.) The Rogue 150lb Strongman Sandbag is radically a homogeneous of gifting someone a home gym.  – $90.0

5.) Do we wish your friends or poignant other to get injured? we didn’t consider so. Give a present of Romwod and take honour in meaningful we helped someone else get swole and flexy. – $168.00/year

6.) Got a super techie, tough to greatfully aptness nerd in your life? Are we looking to splurge on a honeyed tool for them? If so, a WHOOP Strap 2.0 is ideal and we have a full array of reviews and tutorials that we can watch before we confirm if a WHOOP is a right gift. – $500.00

7.) Real friends don’t let friends slice their hands. The Stealth Victory Grips are a good choice for a gymnasty fitnesser on your list this year. These are a best grips I’ve come opposite in my time doing CrossFit, hands down. – $45.00 

8.) Use this holiday deteriorate to change someone’s life for a better. Lululemon’s new slim fit ABC breathe is a central breathe of FloElite. You can also usually collect adult a Lululemon present label and let them collect out whatever they want. – $128.00

9.) If we can’t consider of anything else, remember that fitnessers adore a good span of kicks. You can usually collect a span of boots from a grievous library of reviewed aptness boots on YouTube. – $80.00 – $300.00

10.) How about entrance to tide events like Wodapalooza, WOW Stronger, and Granite Games usually to name a few? Or a outrageous collection of weightlifting, fitness, and strongman documentaries and films? A yearly PRO subscription to FloElite is usually $150.00 and gets we entrance to all we do!

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