Flip-flops and summer sandals are bad for your feet

Flip-flop deteriorate has finally arrived, and it’s terrible for your feet.

“Flip-flops are my slightest favorite form of boots ragged in a summer,” pronounced Sarah Dickey, president-elect of a Illinois Podiatric Medical Association and a podiatrist during Loyola University Health System. “These yield 0 constructional support or insurance for your feet.”

And flip-flops aren’t a usually culprits. Podiatrists contend many of a season’s many renouned boots are some of a misfortune options for progressing healthy feet by preventing injuries and avoiding heel, leg and behind pain.

“This time of year, quite in a Midwest, brings in new studious complaints,” pronounced Dr. Alex Kor, a podiatrist in Milwaukee. “Typically, a normal consumer is not really familiar on what’s a good shoe … and if we chuck in a brew of activities, it creates things worse.”

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