Feral teenagers lapse to strike a Fireball tough in The After After Party

The After After Party

When: Mar 6-17

Where: Vancity Culture Lab

Tickets: $35 during 604-251-1363 or tickets.thecultch.com

For a premiere of a arriving run of 2016 Fringe Festival strike The After After Party, don’t move flowers. Bring Fireball.

“It will always be a partial of this piece,” pronounced Katey Hoffman of a cinnamon-flavoured whiskey. The actor/writer plays Fiona who, with associate wandering Jules (Cheyenne Mabberley), spends a night in a park swearing, imbibing and stressing.

“It’s unequivocally what we drank in high school. We churned it with Coke. At that age we only wish something honeyed and absolute to get we by a night.”

The sweetened cinnamon liqueur is one of a sum of teen life that, along with a characters of Jules and Fiona, endeared a play to audiences and critics during a run during a 2016 Fringe Festival.

The After After Party finished adult with a garland of accolades, including a Pick of a Fringe curtsy and a Cultchivating a Fringe award.

Hoffman and Mabberley have workshopped a play for a arriving Vancity Culture Lab run, that is partial of a Cultchivating award.

“We updated some tools with new jokes to keep it topical,” pronounced Mabberley. “So it is a opposite uncover than what audiences saw during a Fringe. But it’s still a same premise.”

The play takes place in 2006, in May. Fiona and Jules have finished it their goal to turn renouned before graduation.

“It’s unequivocally critical to Jules,” Hoffman said. “In her tiny world, promenade is a biggest thing that could ever happen. If she’s a crook during promenade — ”

“Then she’s a crook for life,” Mabberley said.

The characters began life in a most shorter play (The After Party), created in 2012 for a Pull Festival of 10-minute plays.  (Pull Festival VII takes place during Little Mountain Gallery Mar 21-24.)

Hoffman and Mabberley were in entertainment propagandize during a time. Kayvon Khoshkam, writer of Pull and artistic executive of SpeakEasy Theatre, favourite what he saw and sealed on to assistance rise a play and characters.

Since their debut, Jules and Fiona “have turn crazier,” Hoffman said. 

“She’s roughly turn a jester of me,” she pronounced of Fiona.

“She’s turn a tiny some-more feral, we would say,” pronounced Mabberley.

“Yeah, a tiny some-more animalistic,” Hoffman said. “These characters are unequivocally formed on us, when we were in high school, though exaggerated.”

Case in point: Jules’ ambience in clothes.

“She’s a tiny bit over-dressed for whatever she’s doing,” pronounced Mabberley, who is 28. She admits to a few conform mistake pas in high propagandize herself. “If it’s a infrequent celebration she’s in a parsimonious pinkish tube-top dress that’s dual sizes too small. It’s a tiny extreme.”

“As for Fiona, she needs to be as gentle as probable for a evening,” Hoffman, 30, said. “She doesn’t know what walls she’ll need to scale. So she customarily wears sneakers and shorts. And she has her signature fanny container full of all sorts of celebration favours.”

Following The After After Party’s run, Vancouver theatregoers will be means to Mabberley and Hoffman Lady Parts. Co-presented by Pi Theatre and a duo’s possess After Party Productions, it’s a blueprint comedy series. Two some-more episodes are scheduled for Apr (Heart) and May (Vagina).

But they’re not anywhere nearby finished with Jules and Fiona. The actors are operative on a supplement (The After Life Party), and will debate The After After Party.

“The stakes are so high for these characters,” Hoffman said. “That’s what’s fun about personification them. we remember being a teen and meditative that each party, each amicable interaction, was a biggest understanding of my life. So it’s fun poking fun during that, though also anticipating a genuine disadvantage behind it.”


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