Female Duo Accused of $11,000 Victoria’s Secret Bra Heist | FOX40

FOLSOM — Two women from a Bay Area were arrested in Folsom Friday night after a Folsom Police Department pronounced they stole “several vast bags” of clothing, privately bras.

Blanca Quintero, 22, of Richmond and Antanae Welch, 19, of Pittsburg were arrested around 8 p.m. nearby a Palladio selling core in Folsom.

(Credit: Folsom Police Department)

Police contend a twin stole a equipment from Victoria’s Secret.

Before they could shun a store an worker attempted to stop them and Quintero attempted to peppers mist a employee. That worker was uninjured.

After a outline of a suspects’ car was given, military were means to lane a dual down and detain them.

Investigators contend a grand sum for a stolen products was $11,000.

Along with burglary and conspiracy, a women face other charges as well. Police contend Quintero is also charged with regulating rip gas to dedicate a crime. She also had an superb aver from San Mateo County.

Welch is also confronting a assign of possession of counterfit money. Police pronounced they found a feign $100 check during their investigation.

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