Fashion trends that need to RIP in 2017

Looking behind on 2017 there are a few conform trends that mount out. That we usually had to have in a wardrobe. There are those that will many expected stay in your for a while. 

While there are others that we wish not to see in 2018. Maybe ever!

Here are a few trends that needs to stay in 2017 and those that we’ve some-more seen some-more than adequate of. 

Balenciaga’s fugly sneakers is high on a must-go list. (Pic: Instagram)

Fugly sneakers: So it seems Balenciaga was on a goal to pattern a ugliest boots this year. Only a revolutionary sneaker lovers were dauntless adequate to step into their sneakers. Let’s wish that they don’t make their approach into 2018. Unless it’s in a dirt bin streamer to a rabble heap. 

Crocs will always sojourn on my fugly boots list. (Pic: Instagram)

Crocs: we roughly fell off my chair when we saw Balenciaga entrance a Croc shoe during Paris Fashion Week. we don’t caring if it has a height and lonesome in flattering flowers and jewel, Crocs will always sojourn on my fugly boots list. 

Either we wear a corset or a belt though greatfully don’t wear these in 2017. (Pic: Instagram)

Corset belts: we don’t know this trend. Either we wear a corset or we wear a belt. Can we not upset a two. Ladies have been wearing them over usually about everything. Dresses, shirts, tshirts! Sadly these have managed to work their approach into shirt or dress designs that means we are stranded with them.

The moonbag should have stayed in a 80’s. (Pic: Instagram)

Fanny pack/moonbag: The moonbag done a outrageous quip this year. They used to be indifferent for tourists and grannies though a immature ones embraced them in 2017. Wearing them as a crossbody bag rather than a arm cover up. We desired them in 2017 though that’s where they can stay.

Only Riri gets to wear little sunglasses. (Pic: Instagram)

Tiny sunglasses: When Rihanna wore them on a 2017 Cannes Film Festival red runner they were kinda cool. Then again Rihanna can make anything demeanour cool. But there’s usually one Rihanna. So can a rest of a fashionistas greatfully let it go. 

Sweaty feet in pure cosmetic boots are flattering gross. (Pic: Instagram)

Transparent cosmetic shoes: Plastic boots always remind me of stripper shoes. Or those little boots we find on a Barbie doll. Just since Kim Kardashian loves AND rocks them, it doesn’t meant they work for everyone. Unless we have unequivocally cold feet that don’t sweat, we need to stay divided from these. A bit sum when we see a persperate droplets on a inside of those shoes. Eeuw!

Fluffy sliders are no longer cute. (Pic: Instagram)

Furry sliders: Fenty Puma introduced a bushy sliders in 2016. Since afterwards ire slider hit offs have popped adult everywhere. we reckon it’s time to let a bushy ones go. Even Fenty Puma has changed on. Check out their University Suede Sliders for inspiration.

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