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August 25, 2020 - Body Fragrance

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First up, the queen and the legend Joan Collins, promoting Scoundrel, a perfume that is exactly how Alexis Carrington smells. Per Fragrantica, this scent is probably a bit sneezy, but hey, so was Alexis Carrington.

Exaggeratedly glamorous celebrity perfumes were in fact a hallmark of the fragrance industry in the 1980s. The New York Times explained that it was a competitive market and companies were trying to stand out however they could, lured by the prospect of their very own White Diamonds:

Since Unilever introduced Passion with Elizabeth Taylor in 1987, every other major manufacturer has signed up at least one star spokesperson. After all, Passion was among the top five perfumes in 1987, selling $35 million in its first four months. As is typical with these arrangements, Ms. Taylor gets both a licensing fee for the use of her name and a percentage of sales.

Obviously, fragrance makers hope that celebrities’ fans will become loyal fragrance customers. Having a star identity also makes perfumes easier to market. Their marketing campaigns simply revolve around the star’s personality.

Alexis Carrington’s nemesis even got her own scent in 1984: Forever Krystle, by Revlon.

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