Emergency Ops, Calm Summer Top Talk during MISO Board Week

By Amanda Durish Cook

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A systemwide emergency, marketplace innovations and a comparatively ease summer conditions on a grid surfaced executive discussions during MISO’s Board of Directors meetings this week.

A Sept. 18 assembly of a Markets Committee of a Board of Directors began with an initial demeanour into MISO’s Sept. 15 stipulation of puncture conditions, expelled usually one a day after a RTO expelled a foresee display a 19% possibility of such an occurrence during slightest once this fall. (See MISO in Conservative Ops After Emergency Declaration.)

Shawn McFarlane | © RTO Insider

“Our tumble opinion remarkable a intensity for parsimonious conditions, and that has indeed … been a box given Saturday,” MISO Executive Director of Market Operations Shawn McFarlane began.

At a time of a meeting, MISO was still underneath regressive operations, that remained in outcome until Sept. 19.

McFarlane pronounced a puncture was a outcome of high temperatures and a ramping adult of designed tumble outages, and remarkable that MISO mislaid a “significantly large” section on Sept. 14, followed by a detriment of smaller units a subsequent day. As a rule, MISO does not exhibit that companies knowledge random outages, nonetheless Entergy reported that a Grand Gulf Nuclear Station on a Mississippi-Louisiana extent went offline Friday given of feedwater complement issues.

MISO done about 600 MW of puncture appetite purchases during a eventuality and for about 15 mins exceeded a 3,000-MW north-to-south sub-regional agreement extent on a SPP line joining a North and South regions.

However, McFarlane stressed that MISO concurrent with SPP and other parties to a agreement forward of a high flows.

“We will stress that we communicated with SPP and others forward of time,” he said.

MISO Executive Director of Energy Rob Benbow pronounced a RTO done puncture purchases from both SPP and Southern Co. He pronounced that nonetheless communications per a purchases were effective, some Southern operators were confused about MISO’s routine and that a RTO will strech out to association staff to improved explain processes.

Markets Committee of a Board of Directors | © RTO Insider

Benbow also pronounced MISO brought in additional staff forward of a eventuality to conduct a system.

In his chairman’s news during a Sept. 20 Board of Directors meeting, Director Michael Curran praised SPP, Southern and a Tennessee Valley Authority for aiding MISO South during a emergency.

“It was a lot of good things during a seams. We have really good neighbors,” Curran said.

He also combined a warning about skinny pot and augmenting outages: “It’s not going to be usually a continue pattern. … This is going to be a new normal.”

‘Missed’ Forecast

McFarlane pronounced a final cause in a puncture conditions was a MISO foresee that missed a symbol by about 7% of tangible conditions.

“A lot of others had problem forecasting a heat. It’s not an excuse, though many underestimated a high loads. … we would put this in a tip 3 or 4 foresee misses. It was a poignant skip given we began forecasting in 2005,” McFarlane said.

“This is one of 7 forecasts where we missed it by 5% or more,” pronounced MISO President Clair Moeller, adding that many of a midcontinent unsuccessful to accurately envision a heat.

Because a foresee became false so quickly, many units with prolonged lead times could not respond in time, Moeller noted. CEO John Bear combined that some-more fast-start resources will be indispensable as a era swift evolves.

McFarlane also pronounced direct response was formidable to entrance during a eventuality given of fast heating and a fact that load-modifying resources aren’t thankful to offer over a summer months.

“This is an announcement for Resource Availability and Need,” McFarlane said, referring to MISO’s beginning to change load-modifying apparatus and outage coordination rules. (See MISO Moving to Combat Shifting Resource Availability.)

Moeller pronounced MISO is also examining how it skeleton for complement conditions in light of a emergency.

“We’re doing something we shouldn’t do. We’re regulating ancestral opening to envision destiny performance. The doubt is how to adjust a math,” Moeller said. “The misfortune thing we can do to a gas tube is not give notice and take gas, and that’s what we adore to do, not give notice and take gas.”

WPPI Energy’s Valy Goepfrich took a microphone during a house assembly to titillate MISO care to “R-E-L-A-X.” She pronounced that MISO’s supply has exceeded bucket for years, and that a RTO and utilities are usually experiencing bumps in training how to effectively change a some-more equalized supply-to-load ratio.

Market Innovation

Richard Doying, executive clamp boss of marketplace growth strategy, pronounced MISO is now researching new distributed apparatus formation models and how it can use chronological information to improved discriminate and conduct delivery constraints. The RTO is also stability ongoing investigate into how renewable invasion changes a operations and economics of a grid, he said. (See MISO Renewable Study Predicts Later Peak, Narrower LOLE Risk.)

Richard Doying (left) and David Patton | © RTO Insider

Doying pronounced in sequence to truly rise MISO’s market, RTO staff need to anticipate rebuilding a stream complement from scratch. He pronounced if MISO were means to revisit 2004 meaningful what it knows now, a markets complement would have looked really different.

“We substantially would have built a really opposite set of handling procedures,” he said.

MISO is also expanding a altogether use of marketplace alleviation pilots and simulations, where it can exam a full-scale change though impacting a grid, Doying said.

Director Thomas Rainwater urged care not to get stranded in a singular line of meditative in marketplace innovation, reminding a room that Betamax was once cutting-edge.

Doying pronounced MISO’s ongoing marketplace height deputy will be stretchable adequate to accommodate a far-reaching operation of destiny marketplace styles. He pronounced a RTO will recover a revised marketplace plan request in 2019.

However, Independent Market Monitor David Patton pronounced marketplace growth should be an “evolution, not revolution,” and told RTO care to concentration some-more on a fit pricing of energy.

Solid Summer Performance

Despite final week’s puncture conditions, MISO pronounced it was means to conduct a comparatively ease summer.

“There were a few operational hurdles and altogether — really benign. Nothing like a final few days,” McFarlane said.

“High turn summary: It was hot,” he joked.

MISO’s complement appearance in late Jun during 121.6 GW, about a month forward a common summer peak, McFarlane said. The RTO had likely a 125-GW peak. Load averaged 86.6 GW, compared to 82.7 GW during final summer.

Patton pronounced a feverishness caused a burst in appetite prices over final summer, with prices averaging $31.12/MWh over a season, adult 8.1% from 2017.

The detriment of a 500-kV line in MISO South over Jun 3-4 highlighted a need to rise a 30-minute haven product, according to Patton. The line outing caused delivery violations that were labelled during $4,000/MW of flow, causing a Louisiana heart cost to burst to $2,500/MWh for about an hour-and-a-half late on Jun 3, he said.

MISO also gifted a lowest breeze outlay in a footprint ever on Jul 29: 1 MW out of about 18 GW of sum breeze ability in a footprint. McFarlane pronounced a RTO and a media mostly call courtesy to limit breeze outlay and breeze annals though don’t mostly prominence low breeze era and breeze outlay volatility.

“What are a lessons then?” Rainwater asked.

“We have to be prepared for roughly anything. If anyone has a improved answer, let me know,” McFarlane said.

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