Dress-up day for kids- Ash Wednesday in Iceland

It’s Ash Wednesday, a day where children in Iceland dress adult in fancy-dress and go out to collect sweets.    It’s kind of like a Icelandic chronicle of Halloween. Police ask drivers to be quite clever currently with all a children out and about. 

Ash Wednesday, that outlines a commencement of lent is a eremite day in many countries. This is not a box for many people in Iceland, generally not for kids.

Every Ash Wednesday Icelandic kids dress adult as witches, cowboys, princesses, punk rockers, trolls and all in between and go about their home towns in flocks. The tradition is visiting companies and singing in sell for candy.

Another tradition is to pin an ash-bag on a backs of unappreciative people. This tradition is removing reduction and reduction common. Understandably, it does not engage candy.

The ash-bags are tiny sacks presumably filled with ash, though as charcoal is not as common as it used to be they are customarily filled with grains. The indicate of a bags is fundamentally a mischief. To giggle during a fact that some unappreciative chairman is walking around with an ash-bag stranded to his/hers back.

Skapti Hallgrímsson

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