Dolce & Gabbana Sent Purses Down a Runway Via Drones Because a Future Is Now

Fashion and record has become a trend for a stylish set in new years, with supermodel Karlie Kloss apropos a coding enthusiast and Hermès conceptualizing accessories for Apple, though Italian designers Dolce Gabbana took select tech to a subsequent spin when they sent drones down a runway to showcase handbags for their Fall/Winter 2018 conform uncover in Milan, Italy.

The designers, who have done headlines of late for their outspoken domestic opinions, showed off exuberant handbags on a catwalk that were hold aloft by drones as against to models in a display that would not have been astray in a storyline from Black Mirror. According to Fashionista, those attending a uncover were asked to spin off a Wi-Fi duty and personal hotspots on their cellphones.

While runway models have mostly been a prominence of examination a live conform show, it looks like Dolce Gabbana is creation a box for record to reinstate “Insta-girls.”

See a drones in movement below.

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