Diver finds Victoria woman’s long-lost purse underneath White Rock pier

A lady and her purse were reunited after 8 months detached interjection to an Abbotsford scuba diver who found it underneath a White Rock pier.

It’s not a initial time Mike Bertness has pulled adult value from a deep. He estimates he’s found 5 or 6 other purses and wallets — not to discuss a span of Gucci sunglasses — given he began diving 8 years ago.

“I always seem to find engaging stuff,” he pronounced Thursday. “It’s conspicuous what gets lost.”

Bertness was scanning a sea building for Dungeness crab final Sunday afternoon when a brownish-red leather purse held his eye. Back on a pier, he non-stop it to find several one hundred-dollar bills and prepaid credit cards, as good as marker cards.

Using Facebook, he contacted a purse’s owner, who told him she’d mislaid it final summer. Bertness did not ask for details, meditative she competence be embarrassed. The Victoria lady is arranging to have her mom collect adult a purse this weekend.

When Bertness initial began anticipating mislaid wallets, he would dump them off during a military station, “but it’s so most some-more fun when we get to speak to people yourself,” he said.

He once found a wallet lonesome in lees while diving in Okanagan Lake.

“It was only a small lump, though as we went by, we poked it and satisfied it wasn’t a rock.”

The wallet belonged to a Vancouver male who had mislaid it 10 years prior. The cards had delaminated and a design inside had roughly disintegrated.

Bertness widespread out a contents, took a design and contacted a owner. “He pronounced saying that wallet brought behind a lot of memories.” The design was of an aged girlfriend.

Bertness pronounced he tries to lapse all he finds, unless there is no identification.

While snorkelling in Maui this winter, a diver and his daughter found a span of Gucci sunglasses. With no owners in sight, his daughter hopes to sell them online for a few hundred dollars.

Bertness’s sea discoveries have also netted his family some new friends.

Last summer, he helped a boater stranded nearby a White Rock post after his anchor line became tangled in his boat’s propeller. Bertness and a crony helped to cut him free. The male was so beholden he took his family out on a sailboat a few weeks later.

Bertness pronounced he customarily dives in White Rock, Deep Cove or on a North Shore. He wears a full dry fit and enjoys observation a sea life. The Dungeness crabs he infrequently brings home make a smashing supper, and a wallets make a good story.

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