Denton Punk Band Razorbumps Packed It In for Record Release during J&J’s Pizza

There was a feeling of story being done Saturday night in a stagnant, gummy atmosphere of a groundwork during JJ’s Pizza. Minor Threat achieved a initial uncover in a basement, and other punk acts, such as Hüsker Dü, Black Flag and Social Distortion, all got their start in basements. In Denton on Saturday, it was the Razorbumps’ turn.

After brief sets from a Lung and eye-blackening performances by Houston’s Private Eye and Dress Code, Denton’s Razorbumps stepped into a bricked shoebox, packaged wall to wall with fans who had trafficked hundreds of miles to locate a glance of a buzzy band.

A integrate of monitors and lax cables cordoned off a stage, enlivening communication between a assembly and a performers. Listeners congested in wherever they could find space — beside, behind or within a opening space.

The roof of JJ’s groundwork punk venue, affectionately referred to as a Ol’ Dirty Basement, creaked with each step taken by a congregation above. The heat in a venue rose and fell with each prohibited physique that came in or left. The speakers hung low adequate to cut open a heads of thoughtless moshers who stood taller than 6 feet. A projector arrangement aged cinema served as theatre lighting.

Razorbumps thespian Jenn Smith carried with her all a ardent sassiness of CBGBs-era Debbie Harry, groan into her satin chrome-plated microphone with laughter and menace. Accompanied by a spy-film-meets-spaghetti-western guitar shredding of Austin Waymire, a lock-step drum pulsation of John Hodge and a rhythmic refinement of bassist Andy Messer, a rope valid it is prepared to mangle out of a basement.

Saturday’s uncover was a record recover jubilee for Razorbumps’ initial LP, Hellrazors, accessible on iTunes and Spotify. Hellrazors offers improved prolongation value and some-more songs longer than one notation than Razorbumps’ past releases.

All in all, it’s some-more professional.

The band’s 2016 demo, accessible on Bandcamp, was a arrangement of youth angst that asked listeners if they wanted to get high. The Razorbumps are still fun, though they’re also some-more serious. The strain “Make Your Mark” stands out as a conflict cry opposite a artistic ennui of supposed adulthood.

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“Yeah they contend people change / we know people change,” Smith sneers on a record. “I theory we didn’t change adequate / What some-more do we wish from me? / What we see I’m not giving up!” The song’s carol underscores a earnest of a band’s mission: “If we wish it all / Then what’s a indicate / Of flourishing adult / Before we make your mark? / You improved make your mark, girl!”

In this line of contemplative questioning, one can't assistance though hear echoes of The Who’s “Hope we die before we get old,” or a Dead Kennedys’ derisive gibe, “I’d rather stay a child. And keep my self-respect. If being an adult. Means being like you!”

In what felt like a forward-looking curtsy toward greatness, Razorbumps asked mythological Denton hardcore punk organisation Wiccans (now of Austin) to lapse to their common origins and tighten a show. It was a initial time many Denton punks had seen these heroes in a place they once called home.

The suspicion and bid that went into a manuscript and a record recover Saturday uncover that Razorbumps have a comprehension and ability to take a chair during a list alongside other good punk bands that have claimed Texas as their moshing grounds.

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