DBB Boredcast 2.0: The Pistons Awards

There aren’t central awards on a team-by-team basis, yet for a second year in a quarrel we’re regulating a outline of a vital awards given by a NBA during a finish of a deteriorate to envision that players competence mount out in certain situations for a really possess Detroit Pistons. Who will be a MVP? Our Sixth Man? Defensive Player of a Year?

As with a NBA Awards Part 1, 2, and 3, we gave a writers any 3 votes, No. 1 being value 5 points, No. 2 value 3 points, and No. 3 value a singular point. The series of No. 1 votes is in parentheses.

Most Improved Player:

1 – Stanley Johnson: (6) 35

2 – Reggie Jackson: (1) 17

3 – Boban Marjanovic: 8

Henry Ellenson: 6, Andre Drummond: (1) 5, Reggie Bullock: 1, Avery Bradley: 1

Unsurprisingly, Stanley ran divided with this one. The Pistons need him to run divided with whatever purpose he’s given – this is a vicious (if not make-or-break) year for him. He regressed opposite a house final season, yet Stan Van Gundy let it be famous he wasn’t permitting Stanley to rest on a ultra earthy bully-ball impression he was accustomed to heading adult to his attainment in a NBA. Has Stanley schooled adequate from SVG to play a new way, or will SVG concede him to return behind a bit in sequence to find a compromise? We’ll see. (Last year: Stanley Johnson)

Sixth Man of a Year:

1 – Boban Marjanovich: (3) 21

2 – Jon Leuer: (1) 13

3 – Langston Galloway: (2) 11

Ish Smith: (1) 10, Tobias Harris: (1) 9, Reggie Bullock: 7

Release a Boban! The time has finally come my friends. We will finally see if a Per-36 fable is a genuine understanding over genuine minutes. Pistons fans wish him to be: He’s a many amiable man by distant on a group (In a league?). In a way, it’s ideal that his inclusion in a unchanging revolution coincides with a new arena, and hopefully, bigger crowds. He will get a throng on their feet like nothing other on this squad. (Last year: Stanley Johnson)

Defensive Player of a Year:

1 – Avery Bradley: (8) 40

2 – Stanley Johnson: 20

3 – Andre Drummond: 6

Boban Marjanovic: 3, Jon Leuer: 1, Eric Moreland: 1, Ish Smith: 1

This is customarily what Bradley was brought on house for: Defense. The wish is that not usually does he continue to be a lockdown on-ball defender, yet that his defensive bid proves to be contagious. We wish Stanley and Andre to be in this review during a finish of a year too, with a rest of a group snapping during their heels. (Last year: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope)


1 – Avery Bradley: (3) 25

2 – Tobias Harris: (1) 19

3 – Andre Drummond: (2) 17

Reggie Jackson: (2) 10, Boban Marjanovic: 2

Bradley comes out a personality here too, and this is wholly probable if he embraces a incomparable purpose Stan seems to have envisioned for him: Defensive stopper, building leader, locker room presence. If he can yield all of that while improving/maintaining his ability to widen a building and removing into a paint, he will not usually merit an MVP, he’ll merit a fat contract. (Last year: Andre Drummond)

Best New Addition:

1 – Avery Bradley: (8) 40

2 – Luke Kennard: 22

3 – Langston Galloway: 7

Anthony Tolliver: 3, Eric Moreland: 1, Little Caesar’s Arena: 1

Bradley sweeps this difficulty too, unsurprisingly. He is a best new further since there indispensable to be during slightest one new actor in a starting 5 or this group is radically where it was final year. Stan positive an softened KCP by radically trade for an consummated chronicle of him, and also got a some-more mature impression as well. This was a outrageous purpose of a bones yet a wish that in review one that looks like pristine genius.

(Editor’s Note: Shoutout to whoever voted for LCA. A some-more sharp-witted downtown throng could make a disproportion for those pointless Wednesday games in January.)

Worst New Addition:

This was moulding adult to be pier on a new guys during a finish of a dais and a guys on two-way contracts, so we axed it. My favorite vote-getter, though, had to be Kid Rock’s grill during Little Caesar’s Arena.


What do we all think? Do we determine with a predictions? Copy/paste a list and fill in your tip 3 in any category.

Most Improved Player

6th Man of a Year

Defensive Player of a Year


Best New Addition

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