Dansko Clogs Are Fashion’s Latest Ugly-Chic Shoe Obsession

There’s a new ugly-chic shoe to covet—and no, we’re not articulate about Birkenstocks, Crocs, or a purposefully unwashed sneakers during Gucci and Balenciaga. The latest plainly hideous, nonetheless extravagantly gentle shoe to get a high-fashion treatment? None other than Danskos.

I initial beheld them yesterday as we flipped by Bonnie Young’s lookbook; she styled her spacious dresses, floral maillots, and extra-wide trousers with Dansko’s unmissable optic-white clogs. Curious. It seemed like a one-off styling pretence until we stumbled on another span of Danskos—this time a black, obvious leather backless style—in Jonathan Cohen’s studio this morning. He searched high and low for them in Chinatown so he could span them with his abstract-printed dresses and frayed-edge suits. “They demeanour expensive!” he joked. “And they’re super affordable.”

They’re also crazy-comfy. I’d disagree they’re reduction nauseous than Crocs, though really some-more polarizing than Birkenstocks, that indeed demeanour stylish with trip dresses and dark-rinse jeans. Talk to me in a few years, though—maybe we’ll be observant a same thing about Danskos. There’s a good possibility Young and Cohen were desirous by cold women they saw wearing a clogs on a street; Danskos have prolonged been partial of a eccentric-Upper-West-Side-lady equation, and we recently saw a hipster lady wearing them with selected Levi’s and a cropped sweatshirt during a Toro y Moi unison in Bushwick. we took a secrecy print to send to my sister, Liz, who works as a neonatal helper during NYU Langone and swears by—you guessed it!—Danskos.

BY. Bonnie Young Spring 2018

She frequency has time to eat, let alone lay down, during her 12-hour-plus night shifts, so gentle boots are a matter of staying sane. Her associate nurses wear Nike Vapormax sneakers and even Stan Smiths to scurry by a NICU, though those don’t have scarcely a support of a Dansko’s thick, cushy memory-foam footbed. I’ve attempted them on, too, and couldn’t assistance though laugh. They feel like zero else, though they demeanour even weirder from above—like kidney beans. Liz would never be held wearing them outward of a hospital, though a crony Evan is forward of a curve. He only started his residency during NYU and wears brownish-red Danskos to a hospital, though also on his days off with T-shirts, jeans, and even shorts. Maybe we’ll see guys’ versions in a Fall ’18 menswear shows subsequent January—until then, keep your eyes peeled for some-more clogs in London, Milan, and Paris.

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