Crisis? What crisis? Paris haute couture thinks big

By Sophie Hardach

Paris – Dramatic blood-red gowns on a catwalk, billowing fur coats in a audience: during a haute couture shows in Paris on Monday a super-rich defied a mercantile predicament in impracticable style.

Luxury executives have cut costs and jobs due to descending sales, though a summary of new tact has nonetheless to strech a jet-setting throng admiring wasp-waisted fever yellow and dark blue dresses during Dior and tasselled suits during Armani Prive.

Designers contingency accommodate a despotic set of criteria to enter a disdainful bar of haute couture, that has only certified a new, 12th member – Stephane Rolland.

“Haute couture is unique,” pronounced Ellen Olivier de Vezin, a former open family executive who came from California to see Rolland’s uncover of geometric black, white and red dresses.

“The skills that go into haute couture are disintegrating and it’s a payoff to buy these clothes,” she added.

The name few who nabbed front quarrel seats during a Dior uncover echoed that adore of craftsmanship and excellent material.

Tottering opposite a cobblestone yard during a Musee Rodin where a uncover was held, they challenged a tellurian downturn with large hair, large furs and large sunglasses.

“Sometimes we get surprised, we hear there is a predicament though we still see people shopping,” pronounced a Jordanian Dior client, queueing in front of a sun-streaked masquerade of a museum.

“When we wish something exclusive, we have to go to haute couture. My daughter is removing married and we wish a dress specifically done for her – and for myself, and sisters and family,” pronounced a client, who did not wish to be named.

However, there were fewer models than common in a show, a pointer that even a really top, where dresses can simply cost upwards of €30 000 (about R400 000), is maybe feeling a mercantile chill.

Luxury brands tend to remove income or only about mangle even on their haute couture collections. But a celebrity-studded shows and decorated gowns beget hum and precious promotion for some-more affordable products, such as perfumes and accessories.

Armani Prive gave a curtsy to new markets with Chinese-inspired red tassels on purple and china dresses and jackets. Up-turned cuffs and hems appearance skywards like a roofs of Chinese pagodas.

“If we conflict to a crisis, we can’t furnish high fashion,” Italian engineer Giorgio Armani pronounced after a show. “High conform is like examination a pleasing film, it belongs to a opposite world.”

Dior engineer John Galliano was only as happy to take a holiday from reality.

His pinkish and red silk gowns with parsimonious bodices exploded into saturated silk and floral-print skirts and would not have looked out of place during a garden celebration thrown by Marie Antoinette. A soundtrack of chansons by First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy dull off a untroubled mood.

“The theatrics pronounce to me as a showgirl,” mime dancer Dita von Teese pronounced after a show. “It is good to know there are other people who conclude this kind of thing – beading, rhinestone, feathers.”

  • Editing by Paul Casciato

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