Copious Love Productions To Re-Open Ballard Underground As A Cabaret

The Ballard Underground, a final live entertainment venue in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, is changing hands as Copious Love Productions takes over from Ghost Light Theatricals, that has operated a venue for a past 10 years. Copious Love has constructed several shows in a space over a past decade of operations, and is now presumption a lease. It will renovate a space into a cabaret-style venue to be renamed Copious, that will re-open to a open on Feb 1, 2019.

“We trust that a ‘arts community’ and ‘newcomers to Seattle’ can find village in a arts,” pronounced Lacy Gavilanes, one of a co-founders of Copious Love Productions and co-executive of a new Copious project. “At Copious, we are entertainment kids who adore to dress adult and play, though we’re also gamers and techies who adore to try new worlds. We don’t see a dispute between those dual things – one of a many successful new productions, CODENAME: KANSAS, blended a Wizard of Oz story with a feel of being inside a video game. We are building out this space to be a vital room for Ballard and a humanities community, a place where people of all backgrounds can knowledge talented work each night of a week, and also suppose regulating a stretchable space to emanate art that reflects their possess passions.”

To promote this vision, Copious is renovating a space to give it a reduction grave feel than a normal theatre. It will keep a existent risers and seating as an choice for sit-down character productions, though change a feel of a space toward a musical lounge, fit for drag performances, mime arts, and some-more interactive opening art that does not indispensably need a executive stage. It will offer live-streaming of performances on Twitch. Copious also skeleton to make a space accessible for rentals during a day and to pattern other offerings around a needs of a community. Additionally, Copious will work on a profit-sharing indication with producers who book a space.

“Artists in Seattle tend not to get paid for their work and we wish to change that,” pronounced Copious Love Productions Managing Director, Tony Gavilanes. “We wish to change that. By gripping a cost of operations low, engagement it as mostly as possible, and bursting deduction with performers, we are literally creation space in Seattle for some-more resourceful art, by a some-more different operation of artists. That’s a heart of what we do and because we are vehement to partner with a village to renovate a Underground.”

Copious is lifting supports from a village to assist in a build-out of a new space. Following a Grand Opening Party on Feb 1, a venue will horde “Copious Month,” featuring shows each night of a week. Tickets to all Copious Month performances will be a prosaic cost of $15, and Ballardites accept discounts all month long. Supporters can also buy an all-access pass to Copious Month for $180. More information and a calendar of scheduled performances is accessible during


Copious Love Productions is a Seattle entertainment association focused on cultivating strange works. We essay to rise fun interactive practice for a some-more colourful village of art, artists and audiences. The association began in 2010 and shortly blossomed into an artistic remit for many. We have combined thirteen all-original productions, postulated a Partner Artist attribute with Shunpike and confirmed membership with Theatre Puget Sound. This Project is supported, in partial by a extend from 4Culture. Copious Love believes that we can favour implausible art by amplifying a creativity of a village during large. Please revisit for finish information.

Copious Love Productions is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group that provides eccentric humanities groups in Washington State with a services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their possess paths to tolerable success.

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