Cocaine Arrest, U-Haul Getaway And Snow Clues: Newton Police Logs

NEWTON, MA — Each week a Newton Police respond to a series of phone calls. Here’s a representation of a forms of calls they respond to. It should be remarkable that a occurrence record is open information a military are compulsory to provide. In addition: Just since someone reports an occurrence doesn’t meant that’s a approach it happened, and all are reputed trusting until they’re proven differently in a justice of law. Arrests do not indicate conviction.

Tuesday, Dec. 19:

Police logged 76 incidents, according to a incident log for Wednesday.

No one wants to see that: A lady called to news that while she was parked in a Austin Street parking lot subsequent to Star Market, when she looked over during a automobile subsequent to her and saw an comparison white male in a driver’s chair with his pants unzipped exposing himself and he was holding his genitals. The lady told military that when he saw her he gathering away. She described a automobile as a gray 4 doorway sedan.

Break in?: Someone called only after 10 a.m. on Richardson Street to news they suspicion someone was violation in.

Suspicious?: Someone called about something they suspicion competence be a questionable occurrence on Fountain Street only after 1 a.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 20

Police logged 69 incidents, according to a incident log for Wednesday.

Bitten: Someone reported a dog punch during a Dog Scoop on Webster Street.

Break in: Someone reported a mangle in on Dedham Street.

Shoplifter: Someone reported a robbery from a Whole Foods on Market Street only after noon.

Thursday, Dec. 21:

Shoplifting: Someone from a TJ Maxx called to news that they held several women shoplifting on video surveillance. The confidence officer there pronounced a video showed 4 women come into a store, afterwards one seemed to be deactivating a alarm inclination on a things with what seemed to be a magnet. The 3 other women took equipment and left a store. Two Gucci Luggage bags, one Gucci Purse and one Dolce and Gabbana purse were missing, they said.

Larceny: Someone on Warren Street reported a robbery during 9:09 a.m.

Road rage: Someone reported a highway fury occurrence happened out in front of Starbucks on Washington Street.

Friday, Dec. 22

Cocaine arrest: Police arrested Sabrina Visocchi, 47, and Richard Guzzi, 62 both of Upland Avenue for possession of heroin with vigilant to distribute.

Assault: Someone during a Newton Wellesley sanatorium reported an assault.

Oops: Someone reported they were sealed out on Kilburn Road around 1:10 p.m.

Saturday, Dec. 23

Follow a trail: A Charles Street proprietor called to news someone pennyless into their automobile while it was parked in their driveway. An officer came to check it out and saw prints in a sleet display that someone had been going by a behind yards in a area, encircling and checking cars and afterwards streamer behind into a behind yards. An officer followed a route of footprints by 5 yards along Charles Street until he mislaid them in a plowed driveway. The Charles Street proprietor showed his confidence camera footage to military of a male come into perspective around 3:30 a.m. check a cars in a drive for unbarred doors and afterwards open a resident’s automobile door. It showed a male regulating a flashlight and spend about 3 mins in a automobile before streamer behind a same approach he came. Police pronounced he was wearing all white, including white gloves.

Threats: Someone reported threats during a Hotel Indigo on Grove Street only before midnight.

Loud: Someone reported a shrill celebration on Maple Street only after midnight.

Sunday, Dec. 24

Broken into: At approximately 6:43 p.m., a male called to news he parked his automobile in a drive during Bourne travel in Auburndale, on Dec 20. He pronounced he afterwards took a outing for a few days, and when he came behind he went to mislay income and a necklace from a core console and glove box, when he beheld they were missing.

They were relocating something, alright: Someone called to news that dual people, a male and a lady came into a Bloomingdale’s on Boylston Street, took 4 jackets and ran out of a store hopped in a U-Haul lorry and headed West holding a right out of a parking lot onto Route 9. The store was means to give video notice footage display a incident. Police described a integrate as a black male about 20 or 30 years aged wearing dim wardrobe and a black lady about that same age wearing a light T-shirt and jeans.

Vandals: At 9:45 a.m. someone called to news desolation on Auburn Street.

Larceny: Someone reported a robbery during a Edible Arrangements on Beacon Street only after 1 p.m.

Check out a Newton Police Crime Stats for a past 7 days as of Dec. 25.

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Photo by Jenna Fisher/Patch

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