Charleston Shoe Co. Strolls Towards Success in Coronado

A pointed floral aroma and a regard of domestic accents welcome shoppers on walking into a light-infused Charleston Shoe Company emporium on Orange Avenue. Splashes of mint-teal and peach-orange supplement to a certain ambiance, that is accompanied by upbeat song that immediately draws we in toward a colorful, orderly organised lines of women’s shoes. Meander closer and we comprehend that any territory highlights an particular boots style, all lined adult in sundry sizes and patterns. Now spin in a round and take a demeanour around; splendid and beachy accessories like scarves, hats and purses prominence a decor, a kaleidoscope of temptations only watchful to be attempted on and discovered.

And learn we them will, with a assistance of a knowledgeable, eager staff members, all displaying a opposite form of shoe on any feet to uncover off a brand’s lure and wearability. Often on palm and sporting twin boots is site manager Jordana Torrisi, a former Bloomingdale’s sell consultant with 14 years in a industry, who says Charleston Shoe Company is a best businesses she’s ever been a partial of, both for utilizing her veteran skills and for privately feeling like she’s an constituent partial of a future.

“The CEO handles everything, she’s in hit any day. It’s unequivocally many a ‘family’ company,” she explains. “And it’s a tiny company, one that unequivocally cares for you. It’s what we adore best about it.”

Shoes, of course, are a executive facilities of Charleston Shoe Company, 8 years ago a tiny startup out of Charleston, South Carolina underneath a superintendence of CEO Neely Powell. It’s a singular backstory, a thought of formulating comfortable, sustainable, pleasing boots that blossomed from her childhood marketplace expeditions along a cobblestone streets of executive Mexico. A decade later, after earning her grade in design, Powell worked with cobblers in Mexico to recover her possess stylish “cobblestones-to-cocktails” shoe designs. Her initial brick-and-mortar shops non-stop in 2010 in Charleston and Savannah, with CSC boots eventually expanding into some-more than 150 U.S. boutiques, and CSC stores dotting a map from Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and New Orleans to Carmel and Del Mar. The paint on a walls is hardly dry during a company’s newest site in Coronado, that non-stop Aug 4.

“The space wasn’t accessible until Aug 1, so we flipped it in 3 days,” recalls Torrisi. She adds that CEO Powell sketches out a singular taste and tone themes of any shop, and that her furniture-designer mom combined any square there with a specific Coronado vibe.

What creates CSC boots opposite is some-more than a stretchable microfiber solitary bedding, a high-quality hand-stitching by some-more than 70 cobblers in Mexico, a walkable blown-rubber soles and a 100-plus patterns, any named after an moving chairman in Neely Powell’s life. Even some-more critical to business is a particular fit that transforms to a wearer’s feet, Torrisi explains, as good as a machine-washable fabrics. That and a ultimate stylishness that defines any shoe in a CSC brand, that can go right from offered or a beach to drinks with a girls or a night dancing.

“My idea is to make comfortable, versatile, good looking, and affordable shoes,” Powell says of her goal on a association website. “There are so many women who wish to demeanour fanciful though have consistent issues with their feet. we wish to pill that. Shoes do not have to demeanour bad to feel good!”

Torrisi agrees, adding that roughly 75% of a women she has served in a emporium have had some form of emanate with their feet, all from bunions to hammertoes to plantar fasciitis. The many renouned style, a Cannon, is accessible in upwards of 50 patterns and can solve many vital feet issues, she says — and there are dozens of other designs, including flats, brief boots, sleet boots, sandals, wedges and voluptuous heels.

“It’s sparkling for us when a chairman comes in and doesn’t consider we can assistance them, when they contend ‘Oh, there’s substantially zero here for me since we can never find boots to fit my feet,’” she explains. “I adore it when we see business smile, when we find them a shoe that works, and they comprehend we can indeed assistance them. We’re doing that any day.”

Price points for a boots run from about $90 to $220; with good caring they can final some-more than 5 years. Accessories are generally $30 to $80 for a company’s delicately selected collection of outsourced scarves, tunics, purses, hats, reading glasses, umbrellas and other items.

But it’s a boots that eventually move fun to Charleston Shoe Company customers, Torrisi says. Hence, she strongly advises shoppers and even infrequent browsers ambling into a store to devise for copiousness of time to try on a few pairs.

“I have seen women brought to tears since they finally found an appealing shoe that’s gentle for their feet,” she summarizes. “This shoe is implausible since it’s creation thousands of women happy. We’re not only offered boots — we’re changing a life.”

Charleston Shoe Company
1009 Orange Avenue
858-996-7463 ext. 416.
Monday to Saturday 10 – 7, Sunday 11 – 7


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