Cardi B Returns to Fashion Week Dressed Just Like Nicki Minaj

After Nicki Minaj allegedly stepped on Cardi B’s dress during New York Fashion Week and served as a matter to a HUGE quarrel that erupted after, that left Cardi B with a large ol’ strike on her forehead, Cardi B triumphantly returned to Fashion Week looking…just like Nicki?

On Sunday, Cardi B attended a Dolce Gabbana uncover during Milan Fashion Week dressed in head-to-toe leopard and pronounced it was an homage to Fran Drescher from The Nanny.

She looked good and all, though doesn’t that dress demeanour only like a one Nicki wore on a night of that outrageous fight?! Is this presumably some subconscious shade? To lope your memory, here’s what Nicki looked like after their NYFW kerfuffle:

To be fair, Nicki’s is tiger imitation and designed by Alexandre Vauthier and Cardi B’s is technically leopard and designed by DG, though Cardi B’s leopard imitation is adjacent on tiger, TBH.

Nicki was also during MFW in this engaging get-up, though a dual did not cranky paths or sell blows or shoes.

Time will tell if Cardi B indeed shadowy Nicki, and Nicki will really plead this critical growth in their argument on Queen Radio if it turns out to be true. In a meantime, greatfully do suffer this video of Cardi B prepping for a show:

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