Call Mum & Dad, The Fucken Catalina Wine Mixer Is Headed To Melbourne Next Month

Sweet motherfucking christ, my good friends and step brothers, a fucking Catalina Wine Mixer is display adult for one day usually in Melbourne in September, bringing with it an considerable volume of yacht rock, captains hats, helicopter sales, and POW to a city’s center north.

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An eventuality that’s roughly good adequate to get your relatives behind together, SA’s Howards Winery will renovate Welcome To Thornbury’s drink garden into some-more of a booze breakwater on Saturday, Sep 14 for those who don’t like people messin’ with their nut, make bank, bro, get ass, and expostulate a Range Rover. Hopefully, it’ll engage reduction shitty drum solos with John C. Reilly yelling “boats and hoes!” over a top.

Instead, you’ll be means to enclose your best Capitano’s hat, fake we know shit about yachts and helicopters, ambience a garland of wines from around a traps, and food down on transport from Melbourne’s excellent food trucks, while examination yacht stone nonet Sex On Toast substantially play their possess marks and not a entirety of Bocelli‘s ‘Por Ti Volare‘.

The one-day festival also promises to have a whole-ass yacht parked in a center of a drink garden – no acknowledgment over whether Adam Scott‘s Derek will be there to try and sell and/or franchise it to you, though.

Tickets for a Melbourne Catalina Wine Mixer start during a neat $5 to conduct in and see a band, adult to a whopper $130, that gets we unfounded wines for 3 hours, VIP access, and a garland of other good shit. You can patrolman a sheet over on a festival’s website.

So warning your Night Hawk/Dragon, puncture out your loudest celebration shirt and flier sunglasses, a fuckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer is scarcely on us.

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