Bridal Bliss: Jada And O’Dane Went From Prom Dates To Soul Mates and Their Glam Florida Wedding Won Us Over

The night before Mother’s Day in 2017, a bride and husband went to a John Legend unison and nonetheless O’Dane designed on watchful until Jada’s birthday to cocktail a question, he altered his mind when he listened John sing, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” After a show, he done a road to collect adult a ring he had dark in his kitchen cupboard and motionless it’s now or never.

“He seemed super nervous, though we still had no thought what was going on. We sat on his bed for a while. Out of nowhere, he asked, “so, what are we doing for a rest of your life? Want to spend it with me?” we said, “yeah” meditative it was only a pointless question. Then, he reached over and grabbed something from his nightstand…a black box with bullion trimming. we was positively floored! we changed away, we cried, laughed and did all brief of sprinting around his apartment.”

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