Best of: Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2017

As distant as “fashion capitals” are concerned, Milan has prolonged been a go-to menswear finish for a tellurian conform biz, and there are large reasons for because that would be; a city alone evokes notions of Italian craftsmanship, top-notch tailoring and beyond-dapper travel style. And it’s there, on a biannual runway in Milan, a latest menswear collections have again supposing a glance into a new deteriorate of stylish offerings for a well-dressed man. From loose leisurewear to refined, tailored numbers, here is a demeanour behind during a best collections from Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2017.

1. Prada

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A video posted by Prada (@prada) on Jan 16, 2017 during 11:38am PST

I’ve always been a fan of how Miuccia Prada pushes herself (as good as her iconic conform house) above, over or opposite courtesy norms. This season, with her latest menswear outing, she’s again left opposite a crowds by giving a foot to a smart nonetheless remarkably over-used sportswear influence—and replacing it with a 1970s-inspired operation of corduroy, margin jackets and leather berets. This collection was relaxed, rather reformed and unequivocally real. we marveled in her worldly tones and fell in adore with her multi-colored geometric knitwear—and, of course, a confidant bushy belts that we think will be one of this arriving season’s must-have accessories.


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Inspired by equine racing and impassioned alpine skiing, Massimo Giorgetti’s less-aggressive-than-it-sounds Fall/Winter 2017 collection delivered smart Italian travel options in a march of black-and-white checks, puffer jackets and tracksuit combos, while conduct coverings came in a form of silk headscarves and caps – all donned during a same time. This label’s invariably confidant use of tone was a vital reward for me this deteriorate (in one arise opting to covering a splendid orange hoodie underneath a camel-collared orange-striped cloak for an even-bolder impact); a finish outcome had me wanting more.

3. Fendi

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A print posted by Fendi (@fendi) on Jan 19, 2017 during 6:30am PST

Easily pinpointed as one of my tip favorites from a week, Fendi’s eager collection of color-blocked lane pants and fur coats offering a detonate of fun and a certain turn joyfulness not mostly gifted on a runway of this iconic Italian label. The suggestion was alive in a array of headbands, beanies and weave sweaters, all of that featured a emblazoned difference “YES,” “FANTASTIC” and “LOVE.” Though we typically favourite how other designers this deteriorate abandoned jaunty influences, we unequivocally enjoyed observant how Fendi layered zip-up cycling jerseys underneath black suits—a pleasing contrariety to a rather street-wise fur slides and fur-striped receptacle bags appearing via a collection.

4. Marni

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A print posted by Marni (@marni) on Jan 16, 2017 during 4:01am PST

Following a depart of Marni’s owner and artistic executive Consuelo Castiglioni Oct 2016, after 22 years during a helm, a Fall/Winter 2017 uncover noted a entrance collection of Francesco Risso as a label’s new artistic director. For his initial collection, Risso reimagined Castiglioni’s informed signature looks by a some-more street-cool approach. Belted trousers and tucked-in sweaters—all somewhat undone, wrinkled and relaxed—met gorilla-like fur coats and bouffant fur beanies; all in all, a clever entrance in what is certain to be a some-more playful, and positively some-more youthful, Marni man.

5. Salvatore Ferragamo

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A video posted by Salvatore Ferragamo (@ferragamo) on Jan 19, 2017 during 6:00am PST

Another initial collection value a shout-out from Milan Fashion Week Men’s is Salvatore Ferragamo’s Fall/Winter 2017 runway show—and a entrance of their new pattern executive of men’s ready-to-wear, Guillaume Meilland. For his initial collection, Meilland sent out a lineup filled with layered looks, corpulent wire knits, popping prints and an enterprising curtsy to a Seventies—and, best yet, hardly any references to a ath-leisure breakthrough that’s been unconditional a men’s runway for distant too long. Though a collection wasn’t but a ever-trendy bomber (this time appearing in shearling), Meilland’s movement on a Salvatore Ferragamo male looked wholly grand and nonetheless facilely easy, finish with a habit of outerwear options ideal for a cooler months in a city.


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A print posted by ELLE Malaysia (@ellemalaysia) on Jan 19, 2017 during 12:43am PST

In sequence to mermaid adult a sleepy, final day of Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani and a Italian Fashion Chamber have orderly a anniversary common runway uncover during a Armani Theater. Over a past few seasons, they have hosted several general designers, any with singular tastes and particular styles; this season, one of a favorite Malaysian designers, Moto Guo, was invited to showcase his Fall/Winter 2017 group and women’s collection, alongside Japanese tag Yoshio Kub and Consistence, a London-based contemporary menswear label.

This deteriorate serve illustrated Moto Guo’s childlike spirit—the bottom on that he built a fall-winter collection of honeyed children’s garments for adult group and women. A confidant contrariety from what you’d routinely see on a Milan runway, brief bloomer-like shorts, swan and flower-embroidered sweaters, and paper bag-waist pants in quilted padded cotton, seemed in a array of sorbet tones and cartoonish exaggerations, while Moto Guo’s courtesy to fun, street-style-perfect pieces was during an all time high—I competence even go as distant as observant this collection was, by far, Moto Guo’s many wearable collection yet.

Brent Taalur Ramsey is an American author vital in Paris.

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