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October 30, 2020 - Short Yoga Pants

Our sartorial preferences haven’t spanned far beyond “anything stretchy” over the past 78532* months (*not fact-checked) – and whether we’ve been reaching for our trusty black pair or well-loved yoga pants, leggings have been our most frequent garment-of-choice. Great for working out, walking the dog and pairing with your favourite affordable cashmere, they’re leading the way in the WFH wardrobe games.

But that doesn’t mean finding a really great pair is easy. Unfortunately, it’s not – and you have to be prepared to spend a little extra if you want something of outstanding quality.

You see, there are certain requirements when it comes to leggings: they need to be high-waisted enough to make you feel confident and supported, stretchy AF, 100% opaque and not at all saggy. It’s also nice if they have pockets (if we’re being really fussy about things), a chunky waistband and a second-skin feel. We told you it was no mean feat.

Unless, of course, you’re lululemon. They make it look so easy, and in all of those pursuits, lululemon leggings reign supreme.

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Like contents insurance, a good pair of winter boots and a puffer jacket your mum would be proud of, lululemon leggings are a necessary life investment. Of course, you’ve probably heard it all a million times before – then pondered on why the hell they’re so damn expensive/become overwhelmed by all the different fits, feels and lengths.

So, we’re here to seal the deal, spills the beans on why they’re worth the money and make your journey-to-purchase a seamless one. And if you’re already an avid fan, this guide is *the* place to help you decide on which pair to buy next.

First thing’s first: are they actually as comfy as everyone makes out? In short, yes. There’s leggings, then there’s lululemon leggings: the most buttery-soft, supportive things that have ever graced our derrières – with thanks to the high-performance fabrics they’re cut in. Since working from home became the norm, we’ve been running, practising yoga, spinning and watching Netflix in them (tough job, but someone has to do it), falling head over heels in love with their Align Pants primarily.

They’re created with the highest quality fabrics which – obviously – are going to cost that little bit more than those basically-see-through polyester things you already own. They’ve been designed with functionality and fit in mind, make your bum look really great and don’t slip (no matter how deep you squat). We could go on.

What’s different between each style of Lululemon leggings?

There are four main styles of lululemon leggings, which each come in varying lengths and colours. First, choose your style – then pick a leg cut and your favourite autumn-ready hue.

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Align Pant, from £59

Buttery soft, these are the best lululemon leggings for yoga. The Align Pants are designed to free you from distraction and embrace your every move. They’re incredibly lightweight and high-waisted, crafted from super-soft Nulu™ fabric (which wicks sweat away in an instant) and has an impressive four-way stretch. They’re our ultimate faves and the perfect WFH companion.

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Wunder Train HR Tight, from £59

The Wunder Train HR Tights are the best lululemon leggings for high intensity workouts. These are part of lululemon’s train collection that features Everlux: lululemon’s fastest-drying fabric yet. The material is the ultimate in technical performance fabrics, the wicking yarns pull sweat away from the body and helps it evaporate so sweat marks become a thing of the past. The dual-knit construction feels soft on the outside and cool and sleek next to skin.

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Fast and Free HR Tight, from £74

The Fast and Free HR Tights are the best lululemon leggings for running. Feel as fast as you do free in these barely-there feeling tights that won’t distract you from picking up the pace. Nulux™ fabric offers near weightless coverage for a seriously smooth stride when running!

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City Sleek Pant, £118

The City Sleek Pants – the best lululemon leggings for day-to-day, offer the same comfort and technical performance of lululemon’s men’s ABC Pant, but they’ve been re-engineered for women. They’re made from a lighter version of The Warpstreme™, lululemon’s proprietary performance fabric that was developed in its Whitespace™ R&D lab. These are part of the new core range and are designed to transition you seamlessly throughout the day – as comfort becomes more important in everyday wear, these are a must-have.

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Now to choose your colour and your length. Here are the best Lululemon leggings to shop today and live comfortably in forever. We promise you won’t regret it…

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