Belenciaga’s T-shirt Shirt Cost $1300 & Gives You Two Shirts In One

Luxury labels have a repute for being forward-thinking and stretching a boundary of fashion, though Balenciaga’s T-shirt shirt is unequivocally holding things to a subsequent level. Fashion lovers know that a designer’s pursuit isn’t usually to emanate a season’s denim jackets or summer dress, though to get artistic and pull a bounds of what we consider is beautiful. The best designers make us consider about a garments we wear and what they contend about us, from Rei Kawakubo going Dada and creating a 2D collection to make us consider about how we pierce by space, to Prada’s militant-like 2018 collection that featured comics and prints finished by usually womanlike manga artists’ hands, that sloping a shawl to this year’s feminist undercurrents.

But infrequently high conform isn’t accepted by all of a audience, and a goal and summary flies over their heads. Especially when it’s an additional initial look. Enter a French conform house’s T-shirt shirt, that is radically dual shirts in one.

It’s a striped brief sleeve shirt with a prolonged sleeve collared shirt pinned to it during a shoulders and droops over a front, creation one demeanour like they forgot to cut a cosmetic handle that binds their gold buy together.


Whether people are wearing shirts on tip of shirts or sporting rubbish bag desirous tops, we have to acknowledge designers like Balenciaga keep conform interesting.

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