Bags on a budget: 5 high travel alternatives to engineer labels

Bags on a budgetBags on a budget

Bags on a budget

By Rachel Dean

September 29 2017

Have we ever suspicion we found a ideal purse and afterwards got that falling feeling when we see a really vast cost tag? We’ve all been there.

For those who wish a stylish bag, but violation a bank, we have found some affordable bags that demeanour really identical to those intensely unaffordable bags. 

1. Burgundy receptacle bag from Mulberry

Price: £695.

This receptacle bag from Mulberry is one of a brand’s many renouned style.

Alternative: Bershka, £22.99.

Bershka’s chronicle of a receptacle looks utterly like Mulberry’s with a identical colour and grain. You could buy 30 of these and still not compensate a cost of a engineer tote.

2. Quilted shoulder bag from Michael Kors

Price: £295.

Renewed to their collection, this petite bag from Michael Kors is ideal for day or night.

Alternative: ALDO, £40

ALDO’s cranky physique bag is a tighten compare to a Michael Kors bag with a quilted fact and sequence strap. ALDO report their possess bag as one “set to strike a town”.

3. Embroidered bag from Gucci

Price: £2,760

This floral bag from Gucci has an transmutable tag and singular sum referencing to Greek mythology.

Alternative: Stradivarius, £19.99.

At around usually 0.7% of a cost of Gucci’s bag, this festooned bag from Stradivarius has really identical floral detailing and sequence strap. The usually large disproportion is a Gucci tag with their famous red and immature stripes. 

4. Medium receptacle bag from Burberry

Price: £1,095.

This bag from Burberry comes from their ‘Banner’ collection and is desirous by equestrian style.

Alternative: Groupon, £12.

This really affordable receptacle from Groupon comes with a removable, tractable shoulder tag usually like a Burberry Banner. The simple, superb detailing in any are identical too.

5. Shoulder bag from Chloé

Price: £1,190.

This tan shoulder bag from Chloé can be slung opposite a shoulder or ragged opposite a body.

Alternative: Warehouse, £26.

This choice shoulder bag from Warehouse, is intensely identical to a Chloé bag with a colour and saddle buckle. With usually a slight disproportion in shape, this affordable choice is a tighten compare to a engineer bag.

So, we don’t need to dull your purse to get a ideal purse style. There will be one accessible on a high-street for a really tiny commission of a price.

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