Audition Advice from Three Top Summer Intensive Directors

For many students, attending a summer complete can offer a possibility of a lifetime to concentration exclusively on dance and knowledge a severe lifestyle of a pre-professional dancer. But with so many options and augmenting competition, auditions can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we collected insider tips from 3 tip summer module directors.

Tammy Cheney, Alonzo King LINES Ballet summer module executive

“Take category with an open and extraordinary spirit. Explore new ideas presented by a teacher. Dance with confidence. There are no mistakes, usually opportunities. We demeanour for well-trained, passionate, deep-thinking students with a inhuman work ethic who are fervent to try their artistry.”

Tammy Cheney, left. LINES students photographed by Andy Mogg, right.

Patrick Armand, San Francisco Ballet School director

“Wear something that creates we feel confident, though keep it elementary and clean. Take a time to comfortable adult and get focused before a audition. Stay relaxed, have fun and remember to breathe. Don’t let your nerves get in a approach of enjoying a experience.”

Patrick Armand teaching. Photo by Erik Tomasson, pleasantness SFB

Kate Lydon, ABT Studio Company and summer complete artistic executive

“We are looking for technique, artistry, musicality and intelligence. But maybe many importantly, we demeanour for potential. We notice a dancers who seem to have a enterprise and passion to learn and who are open to corrections and improving.”

Kate Lydon teaching. Photo by Rosalie O’Connor, pleasantness ABT

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