Ana Khouri’s Sculptural Jewelry Gets Personal

Trained as a sculptor, Ana Khouri shapes her valuables to raise and bond to a woman’s physique rather than simply accoutre it. “My valuables comes alive when it’s ragged on a woman,” a Brazilian local says. That synergy infuses a sexiness into her pieces, that bend around a womanlike form but normal complicated gem settings—a skinny gold-and-​diamond necklace traces a collarbone; an earring wraps around a ear with a solid dump that seems to boyant in midair; a ring appears as a brushstroke of bullion paint around a finger.

Khouri’s serendipitous tour from excellent art to valuables started when a lady saw her seemly sculptures presented on exposed bodies during an art exhibit. The lady bought all a pieces and afterwards consecrated Khouri to adjust them into rings and cuffs. The process artist spent a subsequent several years study gemology, valuables design, and metalsmithing before finally rising her New York–based business in 2013. Her substructure and severe training in sculpture sojourn clear in her graphic pattern proceed and clarity of style.

Ana Khouri earrings 
Photo: Courtesy Ana Khouri

Before producing a piece, a 37-year-old forges a antecedent in steel by palm and afterwards wears it over several days to mold it to a physique and safeguard that it’s comfortable. Khouri presents her valuables most in a approach she staged her art, opting to betray a single-​themed collection once a year during a Paris Haute Couture shows in July. Last summer’s vaunt during a Ritz Paris hotel featured her Ethereal collection, in that a dull space in any square plays as constituent a purpose as a bullion and gemstones. The entrance was a dermatitis impulse for Khouri, who returned to New York to find a flourishing series of clients interrogation about her new limited-​edition pieces.

To promote some-more insinuate relations with her customers, she non-stop a by-appointment atelier in New York’s Soho area final fall. There, clients can douse themselves in her artistic prophesy and spend one-on-one time with her. It’s by these relationships, she says, that she can forge a deeper tie between a valuables and the wearer.

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