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This is FRESH AIR. Amy Rigby, who called her 1996 entrance “Diary Of A Mod Housewife,” is now an empty-nester who no longer defines herself by domestic chores. “The Old Guys” is a initial new Amy Rigby manuscript given 2005, and stone censor Ken Tucker says a manuscript finds her looking behind though undue sentiment.


AMY RIGBY: (Singing) There’ll never be another you. There’ll never be another we – one off. There’ll never be another you.

KEN TUCKER, BYLINE: With a jangly guitars and thumping drums, “The Old Guys” is, we suppose, an out-of-date stone ‘n’ hurl album, though it’s not a nostalgia item. Nostalgia is an radically conservative, nauseating impulse, one that conflicts with clear-headed realism. And nostalgia is something Rigby superbly avoids, as can be listened on this strain called “Are We Still There Yet.”


RIGBY: (Singing) When you’re around, it’s like a ’90s all over again. It’s not a approach that we dress. It’s only a approach that we are. You speak about a past. It went so far, we didn’t see it end. we wish to do it again. we wish to get in your automobile and spin a radio off so we can select between CD and cassette. When blue was a idea and we knew what we knew ’cause there was reduction to forget. Was it we that once said, are we still there yet? Are we still there yet?

TUCKER: Rigby leads off this collection with her many desirous new song. It’s an email Rigby imagines Philip Roth promulgation to Bob Dylan on a arise of Dylan’s winning a Nobel Prize for Literature. Rigby sings in a voice of Roth, who has scandalously never won a Nobel himself. It’s a superb strain that serves to promulgate Rigby’s possess views about a still intrepidity of creation art alone in a room, not meditative about a assembly watchful outside. The strain is patrician “From PhilipRoth@gmail To”


RIGBY: (Singing) As we step out onto that Nobel stage, gangling a suspicion for a male who wavers on a page. When you’re station in a spotlight, where you’ve always been, I’ll be alone with a pen, alone with a pen.

TUCKER: In serve to her devising communiques between Roth and Dylan, there’s a line in “Back From Amarillo” about how she’s regulating out of time to do a things we want. The strain “Are We Still There Yet” recalls a time when, quote, “there was reduction to forget.” The pretension strain is a many apparent instance of Rigby’s mindset. While she wisely avoids a aging person’s enticement to sneer during a callowness of youth, she pays some-more honour to those comparison than her though losing her punk mischievousness.


RIGBY: (Singing) Still holding risks, we keep my palm in a fist. Punch out a lights of a subsequent so-and-so. Had my eyes on a prize. When it was time to revise, we set my sets nearby a center or somewhere below. we tip my shawl to a aged guys, contend interjection for that to a aged guys.

TUCKER: This manuscript is characterized by a studiously tender sound achieved by no some-more than 3 players on any given track. It facilities toll prolongation from Eric Goulden, improved famous to fans of ’70s punk as Wreckless Eric. He is also Rigby’s husband. And he’s also a creator of his possess glorious new manuscript that will be expelled during a finish of March. Rigby fills her new collection with lots of comical and emotionally-appropriate informative references. There’s an whole strain called “Robert Altman” and another called “New Sheriff” in that we learn that Amy has been examination a lot of TV like “Breaking Bad” and “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Sopranos.”


RIGBY: (Singing) And whatever goes around is certain to come behind around. They contend a probity can be quick and infrequently blind. Try to give assent a chance, though that’s a doctrine for another time. There’s something decaying in this x. And everybody has a (unintelligible). Today, that (unintelligible) square of work is going down. In my mind, I’m Nucky Thompson. In my mind, I’m Tony Soprano. In my mind, I’m Walter White.

TUCKER: If we like what you’re hearing, we also suggest that we go to her blog called Diary of Amy Rigby. There a author shares stories of her day-to-day life operative in a bookstore/coffee shop, pays her respects to Tom Petty and searches for a certain code of shampoo – we know, typical stuff, things that requires an artist like Amy Rigby to make clear and humorous and true.

BIANCULLI: Ken Tucker is censor during vast for Yahoo TV. He reviewed Amy Rigby’s new manuscript “The Old Guys.” On Monday’s show, New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman tells us about apropos a aim of neo-Nazi trolls on Twitter who barraged him with anti-Semitic insults and threats. In his new book, “(((Semitism))): Being Jewish In America In The Age Of Trump,” he wrestles with how to respond to white nationalists and looks during a connectors between them and a Trump debate and administration. Hope we can join us.

FRESH AIR’s executive writer is Danny Miller. Our technical executive and operative is Audrey Bentham with additional engineering support from Joyce Lieberman and Julian Herzfeld. Our associate writer for digital media is Molly Seavy-Nesper. Thea Chaloner destined today’s show. For Terry Gross, I’m David Bianculli.

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