A new edging on life: Couple revives 101-year-old shoe correct shop

PADUCAH, Ky. – When Paducah’s Boaz Shoe Repair — a 101-year-old internal business — sealed a doors in December, west Kentuckians’ soles cried out over a detriment of a bequest downtown shop.

After scarcely 5 months with a lights off, a business is open again underneath a tenure of Paducah integrate Jimmy Garland and Marquitta Woodford.

“I’ve always wanted a business of my possess and we knew right off a bat this could be perfect,” pronounced Woodford, who had been friends with a Boaz family decades before to appropriation a business.

Garland’s thoughts were along a same lines.

“Who doesn’t wish to be their possess boss? we worked a same pursuit for 11 years and before that another one for 6 and another one before for 10,” he said. “I suspicion we’d give this a try and see if we could make a go of it.”

When it initial non-stop on Armistice Day in Nov 1918, a emporium was famous as Spillman Burroughs Shoes. When they sat down their shoehorns and retired, H.G. Slaughter took it over for a few decades before offered it to Loyd Samuel Boaz Sr. in 1954.

About 20 years later, a Boaz family sole a business. It would change hands a few some-more times before Dewayne Boaz — Loyd Samuel Boaz Sr.’s grandson — took a emporium over from 2015 until it sealed in 2019. All a same, it’s been famous as Boaz Shoe Repair for a improved partial of 7 decades and a new owners never suspicion about touching a name.

“There wasn’t even a suspicion about it. This is what it’s always been. we came here with my father as a small child for him to get his boots fixed,” Garland said. “It’s always been Boaz for me, even when other people owned it by a years. we see no need to change that.”

Though a integrate acquired a business in February, COVID-19 derailed their skeleton for a Mar opening. Since that time, they’ve been cleaning adult a emporium and removing ready.

“We came in and only spotless it adult and went from there,” Woodford said.

Thankfully all from a final owners was eliminated over with a purchase.

“When we got a place it was warden — inventory, equipment, zippers, laces, polish, everything,” Garland said.

Boaz Shoe Repair is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or by appointment. Appointments can be set by a shop’s amicable media channels or by job 270-201-2384.

The emporium will continue to offer shoe, boot, belt and purse repair, as good as, cleaning, polishing and some leatherwork to a business with a vigilant of eventually expanding a online participation and use offerings.

“We’re only removing on a feet here,” Woodford explained. “We wish to move a small bit of complicated times into it … and eventually go online. I’d like to spin it into offered shoes. we wish to do a whole lot some-more with it.”

While Garland and Woodford haven’t been repair boots unequivocally long, they’ve been practicing and training some tricks of a trade from Loyd Samuel Boaz Jr., son of a shop’s namesake.

“(When we started into this) we knew we had Sam,” Woodford said. “A lot of it goes behind to Sam. He’s a good male and he’s finished a lot for us. He’s unequivocally been here for us and helped us figure out what we indispensable to.”

Garland added: “We’ve got Mr. Boaz during a ordering during flattering most any time we have questions. Sam is a go-to guy.”

Since reopening a doors on Fourth Street scarcely dual weeks ago, a span has been blown divided with a response.

“We were amazed. As shortly as we put that ‘now open’ pointer up, we were slammed right away,” Woodford said. “A lot of them are only blissful we’re behind and that it’s open again since it’s been here for such a prolonged time.”

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