A Golden Globes Draped in Black Addresses #MeToo

Seth Meyers, hosting a Globes, incited directly to what he called “the elephant not in a room” when he non-stop a NBC promote by saying, “Good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen.”

“There’s a new epoch underway,” he continued, “and we can tell given it’s been years given a white masculine was this shaken in Hollywood.”

Mr. Meyers stirred a booing of Mr. Weinstein with a fun about a deaths territory of a Oscars telecast. “Harvey Weinstein isn’t here tonight because, well, I’ve listened rumors that he’s crazy and formidable to work with,” Mr. Meyers said. “But don’t worry, he’ll be behind in 20 years when he becomes a initial chairman ever booed during a ‘In Memoriam.’”

The Globes shortly altered on to celebrating films and radio array about women. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” about a mom (Frances McDormand) who takes her daughter’s murder review into her possess hands, emerged as a film to kick in a entrance Oscar race, winning 4 Globes, including ones for best play and Ms. McDormand’s acting. Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird,” a coming-of-age story set in Sacramento, was respected with prizes for best comedy and Saoirse Ronan’s acting.

The vital TV winners were a HBO array “Big Little Lies,” that perceived 4 Globes, including awards for Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern; “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” a new Amazon array that collected dual prizes, including best TV comedy; and “The Handmaid’s Tale,” that perceived dual Globes, including best TV drama.

Oprah Winfrey

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

“A new day is on a horizon!” Oprah Winfrey, usurpation a Cecil B. DeMille lifetime feat award, shouted toward a finish of her eight-minute speech, that focused mostly on a #MeToo movement, observant that it was brought onward by a “insatiable dedication” of reporters and women, like a recently defunct Recy Taylor, who have oral adult to tell their stories.

“When that new day finally dawns, it will be given of a lot of pretentious women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some flattering unusual men,” Ms. Winfrey said. She perceived mixed station ovations — some people stayed station as she spoke — and finished her comments with an avowal of hope, looking brazen to “the day when nobody ever has to contend ‘Me too’ again.”

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After Ms. Winfrey exited a stage, Natalie Portman arrived to benefaction a endowment for best director. “Here are a all-male nominees,” Ms. Portman said. (Guillermo del Toro won for “The Shape of Water.”)


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For some people examination during home, a pronouncements struck a false note. Weren’t some of these people a same ones who had been wordless about Mr. Weinstein’s function for decades?

And Ms. Winfrey, of course, was usurpation an endowment named for a masculine who had helped concrete a enlightenment of masculine mastery in Hollywood. It was also critical that many of a group who won awards did not discuss a stream tab that Hollywood is undergoing per passionate nuisance and a purpose of women in entertainment.

The awards get widespread around.

Gary Oldman

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The unfamiliar reporters who uncover a Globes are famous for swelling their awards distant and wide, and that was a box on Sunday. Gary Oldman won best actor in a drama, for personification Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour.” Pixar’s “Coco” was named best charcterised film. And a figure-skating dim comedy “I, Tonya” was famous with Allison Janney’s win for best ancillary actress.

But several cinema perceived nothing, many particularly Steven Spielberg’s journal play “The Post,” that was nominated for 6 prizes. “Call Me by Your Name,” “Get Out,” “Mudbound” and “All a Money in a World” were also ignored.

James Franco won best actor in a comedy for “The Disaster Artist,” a biopic about Tommy Wiseau, an individualist Hollywood figure best famous for his cult film “The Room.” Mr. Wiseau, who had been sitting in a ballroom in wraparound blue sunglasses and looking during his phone, sauntered to a stage, where a sepulchral Mr. Franco was espousing his adore for his brother, Dave Franco, who also stars in “The Disaster Artist.” Standing nearby, a younger Franco got a small teary.

‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ is a large leader in TV.

Rachel Brosnahan

Paul Drinkwater/NBC, around Associated Press

The night’s initial endowment went to Ms. Kidman, who won best singer in a radio film or singular series. “Power of women!” she said, holding adult her Globe and name checking her womanlike co-stars. Ms. Kidman won for her purpose in “Big Little Lies,” in that she plays a smashed mother who summons a bravery to leave her husband. Her co-star Alexander Skarsgard won for best ancillary actor, and a uncover won for best singular array or TV movie.

As expected, Hulu’s instrumentation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel about a hang-up of women, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” matched a best play win final year during a Emmy Awards. Elisabeth Moss, who stars in that series, also steady her Emmys win, collecting a esteem for best singer in a drama. The “This Is Us” star Sterling K. Brown was named best thespian actor, a initial time in Globes story that a black masculine had won that prize.


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“You wrote a purpose for a black masculine that could usually be played by a black man,” Mr. Brown pronounced in his speech, thanking a “This Is Us” creator, Dan Fogelman, for formulating his part. “I am being seen for who we am, and being appreciated for who we am, and it creates it that most some-more formidable to boot me or boot anybody who looks like me.”

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(It was a sign of how most has altered in Hollywood in new months. Kevin Spacey won a difficulty during a 72nd rite for his opening in “House of Cards,” a array that dismissed him late final year after group came brazen to credit him of neglected passionate advances.)

The Amazon array “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” about a captious 1950s housewife who becomes a stand-up comic, won a Globe for best TV comedy, and a star, Rachel Brosnahan, collected a esteem for best singer in a comedy.

“Their support was totally unwavering,” Amy Sherman-Palladino, a show’s creator, pronounced of Amazon from a theatre while wearing a tip shawl arrayed with feathers. She done no discuss of Roy Price, who had helped pull brazen a array before resigning in Oct following accusations of passionate harassment.

A night draped in black

Kendall Jenner, left, and a romantic Marai Larasi with Emma Watson.

Damon Winter/The New York Times

The Globes were draped in black, utterly literally, with actresses and some actors vowing to use their clothes to make a statement about passionate nuisance in Hollywood and other spheres. Winners were approaching to use their moments of excellence to rail opposite a systemic sexism and overpower that authorised a function of group like Mr. Weinstein, James Toback, Louis C.K. and Mr. Spacey to decay for decades.

On a red carpet, 8 actresses walked palm in palm with activists who focus on passionate nuisance and gender inequality.

“We don’t wish to emanate hierarchies — observant that women in Hollywood are some-more critical than other women,” Marai Larasi, a executive executive of Imkaan, a British network of organizations dedicated to finale assault opposite black women, pronounced on a E! arrivals special. “We have a platform, and we’re perplexing to use it in a best approach we presumably can.” Ms. Larasi attended as Emma Watson’s guest.

But a tinge on a red runner was not wholly serious. Smiles abounded. Along with contention about women’s rights came lightsome chaff by nominees about butterflies (the stomach variety) and some of a common conform chitchat. Alexis Bledel carried a black clear purchase from Onna Ehrlich; Gucci dressed Margot Robbie and Dakota Johnson.

And inside a ballroom, a rite in many ways felt like business as usual. Stars, producers and studio executives schmoozed in raging conform during a blurb breaks and true by some awards. The vibe even approached tractable and untroubled — as if Hollywood felt it had exculpated itself with all of a critical speak on a red runner and a sharp-edged jokes Mr. Meyers burst during his monologue.

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